Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Judas Priest 'Point Of Entry'

Today was beautiful! Sunny skies with temps around the mid 70's. I spent most of it indoors as usual.

I dropped by Sean's to treat him to some birthday chinese delivery and we ended up watching 'Wrong Turn' on DVD. Food good, movie bad.

My biggest problem with 'Wrong Turn' was that it was set in West Virginia. I am a product of the great state of West Virginia and I don't like how outsiders view Mountaineers as a joke. This flick perpetuates the myth that West Virginians are inbred mofos who can barely put sentences together and have sex with anything that moves. Okay.... Maybe the last part represents me a little. Just one prerequisite, female.

Another problem with this movie, NO NUDITY! What the heck??? Eliza Dushku should always be shot naked. Nothing more and everything less.

In the movie, the hillbillies have Eliza tied to a bed. Sean and I both asked each other why the inbreds didn't strip her down to bare skin. The only reason I arrived to... "Sean, these jack-offs MUST be from Kentucky."

Overall, it was a good ride with one glaring continuity error. One of the victims had a daisy or flower on his necklace as they are walking down Deliverance Drive. A few minutes later, no flower as his girlfriend is picking it. Then they start hoofing it again on Squeal-Like-A-Pig Lane with the flower on the necklace. Jeez!

The names in songs thing... I didn't want to forget.

Are you lucky enough to have your name in a really cool song? I'm one of those that have a name that equals disappointment in that area.

I know of only one song that carries my name... Pink Floyd's 'Careful With That Axe, Eugene'. And, it's not even a cool song.

If you have a cool song with your name, feel free to list it with a comment.

I left Sean's for work with my windows rolled down and Judas Priest cranked up baby! It felt really good. It made me think of easier days when the only worries were trying to hook-up with girls who would actually like me and riding around in my '73 Gran Torino that was filled with trash from fast food joints while enjoying some hard rock tunes.

The wind was in my hair. I had my shades on. Rob Halford was singing 'You Say Yes'. A question hit me. Why isn't hard rock the most popular form of music on the planet?

Granted, the 80's hair metal movement really did a number killing any notion of how cool hard rock can be. But, there's SO much more to hard rock than crap.

The reason I love it so much (keep in mind, I love ALL kinds of music).... Hard rock is visceral. I got out of my truck in a great mood. I wanted to walk over to Earthtones Recording Studios ( ), pick up Benjy Johnson's Gold Top Les Paul ( ), and crank out some power chords.

If you don't know, great power can be found with a loud, distorted guitar. There's no feeling like it. It makes you feel good despite the reactions of others around you. They can love it, they can hate it. It just doesn't matter as long as she's in tune.

If you feel like venturing in really good hard rock waters, here are some CD suggestions to get you started.

Kix 'Midnight Dynamite'
Starz 'Coliseum Rock'
Van Halen 'Fair Warning'
KISS 'Rock n' Roll Over'
Accept 'Restless And Wild'
and of course, the one mention at the header... Judas Priest 'Point Of Entry'.

Monday, March 28, 2005

The Allman Brothers Band 'An Evening With The Allman Brothers Band, Set 1'

For the only time that I can remember, this was the first Easter where I didn't have a Cadbury Egg.

I love those crazy-ass things!

Some people are grossed out by them. The Cadbury Egg has a chocolate shell with a sugary sweet creme filling that looks like a yolk and egg whites. But, it's the chocolate that does it for me.

I cannot remember when they were introduced. It seems like Cadbury Eggs have been around since I was a teenager.

Our family loved them so much, my Father surprised us one night....

It was a few days after Easter when my Father came off patrol at seven o'clock. He was a patrolman for the Guilford County Sheriff's Department.

He came in the house with a full box of Cadbury Eggs under his arm.

Dad told us when he stopped at one of his "watering holes" that he noticed the store was heavy on Cadbury Eggs. An open box with half of a supply and a full unopened box underneath. A deal was struck between cop and store owner. Dental practitioners were alerted and a restraining order was being processed for Richard Simmons.

You see, Cadbury Eggs are only available for a short time. The eggs are generally laid a month before Easter and they are usually gone before the Sunday dinner leftovers.

We put them in the freezer and had Cadbury Eggs until August.

I'm thirty-eight and my Mother still puts together Easter baskets for my two sisters and me.

This morning I pulled out a goodie to eat while watching a DVD. It was a box of Necco Assorted Candy Eggs and the movie was 'Cellular'.

The Necco Eggs were a little different from the heart-shaped Valentine candies. First of all, they're egg shaped. Second, instead of cutesy sayings like "Be Mine" printed on them, they had people's names on them.

The usual white kid names were all represented. Examples: Mike, Matt, Jill, Robin, and Bob.

There was one surprise. A white egg (tasted like Pepto Bismol) with "Dom" showed up.

As Jeff Kay ( ) would say- What in the honeybaked hell?


Does Dom DeLuise have a controlling interest in Necco? Or, is that to pacify the small but vocal percentage of Dominiques out there?

I never found a "Eugene" nor did I expect to find one. A "Jean" did pop up and was quickly eaten without an eye blink.

I never had any of those personalized trinkets that most folks had in their young developmental years. Never had a novelty license plate for my bike, no pencil boxes, and no personalized drinking cups.

I didn't like having a very uncommon name at that age. I liked "Tony" for a name. It was short and sweet and it sounded much cooler than "Eugene". I couldn't convince my parents to legally change my name so, I eventually accepted it.

I was named after two Grandfathers. "Eugene" belonged to my Dad's father who died when he was twelve. I've only heard a few stories about him.

My middle name hasn't been to kind to me either, it's Byrl. Pronounced like Uncle Milty's last name. Once again, very uncommon. That came from my Grandfather on Mom's side. He's still very much alive and kicking ass.

Overall, I think that I came out on top with what I got. The other two names that could have been used were "Millard" and "Taylor". It could've been any horrifying combination if you think about it. I have.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about names in songs.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Kix 'Cool Kids'

I received some very interesting emails about the little irritating things that people do. Be aware, nothing goes unnoticed.

I'm posting this email response for several reasons. 1. It's damn funny. 2. I wholeheartedly agree.

This person will remain anonymous.


I just visited your blog, thanks to Jeff's link to it. I understand completely about that any who BS. I found out a long time ago that people are basically idiots. I feel that intelligence is not properly measured by one's knowledge, but rather by one's judgment and actions. A person can be highly intelligent and still be ignorantly irritating. I believe that such actions can only come about by a complete lack of respect of one's self and of others. A good example of this is lip smacking. How many times have you seen respectable people, some that you possibly care for even, smack their GD lips, suck their fingers, slurp their drinks and just completely carry on like a dumbass. I feel like I need a pair of safety glasses if I am going to share a meal with one of these people. I have actually seen a person use a pocket knife to clean food out from under their finger nails, and then eat it.

The use of words and catch phrases are often used in an attempt to be cute, or to appear superior to others. But they simply lack the knowledge to see that it in fact makes people think less of them. Remember Whaaaasssup?

A lot of these same irritating people seem to lack enough common sense, that they no longer have the ability to make simple decisions. It seems that they no longer know right from wrong, or fact from fiction. These people are literally afraid to have an opinion about anything. Because when an opinion is offered, a judgment is made. And God forbid we should judge anything or anybody. So they become big o'l hand wringing liberal pussies, that don't have the sense God gave a goose. Pitiful.

PS. As you can tell I have thought about this a great deal.

Folks, don't be shy. Post your comments! Have an opinion, it is truly your own. I wanna hear them. You don't have to use your real name, this is "CyberLand". Feel free to be at ease. There's no Mrs. Kravitz watching through your windows as you cast your internet spells. Darren will not get on your case about it.

Last night, I saw 'Ray'. You know the flick about Ray Charles?

It was DAMN good! Of course, the child's arm in the suitcase of water was a little unsettling. Great story, great music, and great acting. This flick totally blows 'The Doors' out of the water. (For those who do not know, I just made a joke. 'The Doors' sucked).

Kim Thore ('Go Triad' columnist and ) fell asleep.

After working all day doing remote work for 1075 KZL, I went to Casa de Kim to hang a painting. For reasons unknown to me, she trusts me to do a good job in this matter. When it comes to anything mechanical or involves carpentry, I'm as skilled as a bowl of mac and cheese. I don't think that she has caught onto that yet.

We decided that we both could use some nurishment. She wanted some italian grub from The Olive Garden. I don't like italian food so, I suggested East Coast Wings. We agreed to eat at ECW then pick her something up where everyone is family, yet you're expected to pay.

We got back to her pad and put in 'Ray'. She had a full belly. She covered up with a blanket. And, in my years of dealing with two sisters, a mother, and girlfriends, this only meant one thing. She was going to sleep.

She fought it, but eventually her eyelids proved too worthy an opponent. No problem, I just continued watching 'Ray'.

When the closing credits started to make their way upwards into view, it was time for me to split.

I was tired myself. I had worked a ten hour day and at least six of those hours involved kids.

But, I wasn't tired enough to go to bed when I got home. I watched another episode of season 4 of 'The Sopranos'. Went to bed around 3am. Got up around tenish and finished season 4.

Season 5 doesn't come out until June and I'm starting to itch just like Ray Charles without any privacy.

Friday, March 25, 2005

The Texas Mudpussy Explosion 'Mini EP'

I'm very disgusted right now. I just spent an hour updating the blog and something happened and it was lost. F**K!

I'll try to capture the beauty once again.

To the meat of annoying others in song...

I am the first born of three. I have two sisters. As required by law, I must annoy them until they give in to the sweet release of death or my own demise. I have done well for myself. I'm proud to have left my mark on their psyche.

The easiest way to get a rise out of them was singing their names in popular songs. Toss in the word "smack" or sing about how others would enjoy smacking them as well added a lot of fuel to the fire that I enjoyed setting.

Allyson, a friend of mine (we dated as well), got into this practice with me. It wasn't unusual hearing us singing along with songs and incorporating the ideas of smacking each other. She came up with a classic take on a rock classic. As a matter of fact, I encourage Rock 92 listeners to sing along with the "smack" lyrics whenever I play the classic on the air.

Allyson was driving and I was riding. We were listening to the radio. 'Let It Be' by The Beatles came on. Allyson rearranged the lyrics on the "Smack Template". She was driving and singing along. I remember the smile on her face. She knew that she had struck gold. She knew that I could never top it. And, I never did. Here it is...

"Speaking words of wisdom... Smack Eugene. Smack Eugene, smack Eugene, smack Eugene..."

You get the point.

This practice has carried over to my 4 and a half year old nephew, Preston.

We were settling down to watch season 1 of 'The X-Files' on DVD. When the theme started, I was preparing some "berry/chocolate" milk for him. Without even thinking, instinct took over. It came out of me without warning and hit it's mark.

"Smacking, smacking Preston.... Smacking, smacking PRESTON..."

You sing it over the keyboard accents that drive the theme home, not the echo type of keyboards. The whiny, shrill keyboard... You know the one. Try it on someone you love.

There. Not as beautiful as I had written it before, but it's here for your enjoyment.

Check out Jeff is a riot!

Until next time!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

No CD today. Radio, baby!

Not much going on, but I do have a gripe...

I'm getting annoyed by the word, "any-who". I've put up with it for years. I know people that say it. People that I care about. I even want to smack people I don't know when I hear that word leave their lips.

Am I crazy?

I explained my problem with that word to Marcia Gan (Afternoon Drive, Rock92). She asked if it was a southern thing. I wasn't sure. I know that I hear it on television and in movies because I literally cringe when my ears detect that word. So, I'm sure that it's entrenched in American speech patterns regardless of location or dialect.

I went out with a very intelligent lady a couple of years ago. We dated briefly. On the first date, she used that word. Right then, I considered not seeing her again. Just over a silly word.

I'm sure that I have many, MANY faults that get on people's nerves. Like when I see a street sign and to remember where the road comes out, I will try to attach a famous name to it. Example: Carr Street becomes Eric Carr Street.

Another thing I like to do is sing the road's name in a familiar song. Example: "Chimney Rock Road and I don't care" to the tune of 'Jimmy Crackcorn'.

That one began while an ex-girlfriend and I were traveling on 40 West and we were passing the Chimney Rock Rd. exit. My workplace was just off Chimney Rock and I was so happy to have a carefree day off from the hellhole that the song just came out of me.

Some years later when Allyson and I became friends again, she told me that she should slap the sh*t out of me because of that song. Everytime she saw the exit on her way to work in Winston-Salem, that song would pop into her brain.

So, I do have my own brand of crazy crap that bothers people.

I haven't spoke up to my friends who use that word yet. My movement on the issue of "couldn't care less" have fallen on deaf ears. It just doesn't do any good to point these things out. I will just continue hearing that word and the improper usage of "could care less" and let the hair on my neck bristle to attention as I push the urge to use unrestrained violence down into my soul.

Maybe, the next update, I'll tell you about how singing your loved ones names with the word "smacking" can drive them up a wall.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Aerosmith 'Get A Grip'

The NCAA tournament is in full swing and guess who couldn't care less... Me!

I don't get basketball. I don't see the attraction at all. Could it be my basketball nickname given to me by my classmates in junior high, "Deadeye"?

I got that name because of my poor vision. I could see a backboard but that was just about it. I couldn't dribble worth a crap either. I would never even entertain the idea of passing behind the back. Hell, whenever someone would give me one of those weird passes, it usually landed somewhere on my face. My vision wouldn't allow me to see those "looks" that warned me of a pass headed my way.

Without glasses or contact lenses, my free throw average is about 1.7%.

I never knew I had a vision problem until my schoolwork started to suffer. Glasses came along to ugly up my mug just a little bit more. But, a whole new world opened up to me. I could watch television from across the room. I could read the clock without squinting to get a vague time of day. I realized that I had zits. It was a wonderous event.

And to top it off, I became the Shoot The Hoops school champion! "Deadeye" was going to the county finals.

Unlike all those feelgood movies, my journey to redemption went off a cliff in fiery fashion. Yep, I choked. I didn't even want to go to the county finals. I didn't even like basketball. I gave it a try, but I didn't give it my all. I just wanted to be at home watching Wahoo McDaniels beat the crap out of Blackjack Mulligan. The finals was taking place on a Saturday and that interfered with my pro wrestling habit.

Now that I look back at it, I still don't care. To me, it was enough proving to my classmates that "Deadeye" could make good from the line. I felt good that I beat everyone in school but, I felt doomed when I found out that it was just the beginning.

Perhaps another reason... ACC games always interefered with my television viewing habits. Those games were always coming on and messing up my whole week. Dad could watch a basketball game while having all his limbs amputated at once. At that time, TV's weren't in every room in the house. So, the main bread winner got the tube.

You see, television was and in some ways, still important to me. I love it! My tastes these days are a little more refined (my opinion only). I watch Fox on Sunday nights. 'Malcolm in the Middle' is one of the funniest shows EVER! Now Fox has put the show in a dead zone. It gets started "already in progress" during the football season. Not a good sign.

Mondays... CBS' 'Three And A Half Men' and 'Everybody Loves Raymond' while I'm taping 'Raw' on Spike.

Tuesdays... Nothing. Except when 'The Shield' and 'Nip/Tuck' are in new episodes.

Wednesdays... 'Yes Dear' is back on CBS so, I make a point of watching it. Is it a great show? No, not at all. I watch it for Liza Synder. She plays Christine. She has long dark hair and a bit of a sexy weight problem. She carries it VERY well and I kinda like my ladies a little thick. Plus, the cleavage is nice too. She wears too many long shirts. I'm dying to see how much junk is in her trunk.

How's that for a dark secret for ya?

Thursdays... 'Smackdown'.

Fridays... 'Star Trek: Enterprise'. Insert your own and probably not so creative geek joke here. I think 'Enterprise' is the best of all the series. I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I don't care. Usually, the ones dissing 'Enterprise' are those a**holes who live and breathe by every gas emission from George Lucas (creator / dictator of the 'Star Wars' series).

'Enterprise' is ending in May so, I'm a little sad. I still need to watch all the previous episodes from the 2 seasons that I missed.

Saturdays... 'Cops' is still a classic! You cannot beat watching idiots, ever!

Last Friday night, I did watch the last two minutes of regulation and two OT's in the Wake Forest / West Virginia game. I was pulling for West Virginia. After all, it's the land of my birth and I must remain faithful. (Insert your own and not so creative WV jokes here).

During the overtime periods, I just wanted it to be over. I wanted to get to my Netflix delivery of 'The Sopranos' season 4 disc 1. I had to see the game all the way through to the end. I didn't get that excited, it was just "nice" that West Virginia won.

Now, during the finish of yesterday's Nextel Cup race, I was up on my feet. I was hooting and hollering. I was terrorfying my cats as I cheered on Carl Edwards. Hell of a finish! I'm sure if you check out you can see a clip of the finish.

NASCAR is the sport of choice for me.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Paula Abdul 'Spellbound'

Just figured out that this blog site puts the dates up when I update. Yeah... Sometimes I is slow.

I'm looking forward on getting started on season 4 of 'The Sopranos'. I got rid of HBO just before the show started up. Netflix is a great way to start watching series. Especially those you can't watch because the big oil companies beat out your entertainment budget.

I was a little leary about watching the show. After all, the people telling me how much they dig it are the same folks that watch reality shows, 'Will & Grace', and they have all the seasons of 'Friends' on DVD.

I don't understand why people watch the majority of reality shows. 'Survivor' really brought the genre to the forefront. Personally, I wasn't sucked in by the massive onslaught of premiere hype. It just didn't interest me. I know there's nothing "real" about most of these shows. The situations people are put in on 'Survivor' are not real. It's a set-up so they can record your reactions for a public that has no sense of taste.

Want a reality show? It will make you get off your ass but, spy on the neighbors, hang out with a homeless person, or spend some time in a children's ward at the hospital. That's where reality can be found. See for yourself how others live. Find out heartbreak and how someone can lose everything. See how life can slap even the young with something they can't outrun and watch them fight for everyday on this earth.

I haven't checked on DVD sales of reality shows, do they sell?

I look at it this way... If I'm not going to find it on TV Land in 30 years, why bother watching it to begin with?

I must admit, I did have a guilty reality show pleasure once. I was a big fan of the WWE's 'Tough Enough'. Contestants train to become WWE SuperStars in a elimination style series. Pro wrestling purists didn't like it because it gave away too many trade secrets. But, for those of you who don't like wrestling or even understand the appeal, this show will give you respect for what these entertainers do.

It's very demanding. You can get hurt if you don't know what you're doing and you can get hurt EVEN if you're a trained professional.

My sister Tina has never enjoyed watching wrestling. But being around when I was watching 'Tough Enough', she got sucked in. She found it to be unlike so many other reality shows. The contestants weren't only competing against each other, they also had to trust each other because of the injury issues of wrestling. Everytime a wrestler steps into the ring, they put themselves in the hands of someone else. One wrong move and a lucrative career is over.

Friendship began during the course of the show. And my sister couldn't believe what happened whenever a contestant was eliminated. Almost every show ended with everyone hugging and teary eyed because of the trust and bonds built from their training. Sure, they were out for their own gain but, I think those contestants learned more about themselves and each other than they could learn from any other type of reality show.

Do yourself a favor... Rent or purchase the WWE 'Tough Enough' shows on DVD. I think you'll be surprised on how real wrestling can be.

The thing that amazed me, contestants would sustain injuries that would put most of us out of work for a week or longer but, they kept going until a trainer cut them. And unlike 'Survivor', it's worth watching several times.

It may not make you a wrestling convert but, you'll gain a whole new respect for these types of performers.

Series too long for you, check out the documentary 'Beyond The Mat'.

And for the record, most wrestling fans have a good set of teeth as well as intelligence.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

March 17, 2005: Neil Young & Crazy Horse 'Ragged Glory'

Not much to write about today. The only thing newsworthy was the snow early this morning. Nothing to get excited about. In North Carolina terms, it was only a pint of milk and a slice of bread type of snowfall.

Folks in North Carolina just go bananas when snowfall is predicted. They rush to the grocery stores and strip the milk and bread aisles bare. They will run over little crippled children for the last box of Pop-Tarts. They are prepared to bleed for the last pack of hot dog buns. It's very amusing why these people rush to the stores.

Since I've been alive, I've never experienced a situation in Greensboro, where I was stranded in my house for more than a day. Even on those types of days, I've never even considered killing my family or pets for food to keep breathing. To me, I always take it as a reason to catch up on some couch time and do absolutely nothing. Unless, the driveway could use a shoveling.

Ice storms, now that's a real downer. Not the being stuck in the house part, it's the loss of power thing. That's when the homicial thoughts get percolating. Too much quality time talking and being stuck inside can drive a person to smear their feces on the wall and sharpen all the cutlery in the house. If it weren't for television, I think murder rates would soar during the winter.

Watched 'Bad Santa' and it was all right. Actually, it was a little more than I expected. Billy Bob's character had a very foul mouth. I'm desensitized to that sort of thing for the most part, I work with Marcia Gan. (Just kidding Marcia) But overall, the flick didn't really move me either way. So, I guess that it was just "okay".

'The Stepford Wives' remake was very disappointing. I was surprised to find it directed by Frank Oz. You know the guy, he was the voice and puppeteer of the lovable Fozzie Bear on 'The Muppet Show'. He's a good director, quite adequate. Glenn Close was excellent. Nicole Kidman just kinda cruised through it and ladies and gentlemen, she cruises very well. If ya know what I mean...

'The Stepford Wives' should have been handed over to John Waters. I got the feeling that the remake was striving for comedy and it just didn't get there. They should have at least let Waters write the screenplay. THEN, it would have been a fine film indeed.

The original, although slow and atmospheric, is a better film. It's about losing one's identity amid a world of corporate and social conformity. Of course, that's just my opinion so take it as you like.

Next up, 'The Punisher'. I'll let you know about that one too.

Back in the 80's, I was very disappointed with the Dolph Lundgren straight to video release. Did it play in the theaters? Ah, who cares anyway?

This one should be all right. It's Marvel approved! There's only one film of the current adaptations of Marvel heroes worth complaining about. That would be 'The Hulk'. Man, that movie really fell flat on it's big green face. The only reason that I would watch it again... Jennifer Connelly.

'Daredevil' was awesome! Both Spider-Man flicks were tres' cool. The first two Blade pics were good, I haven't seen the latest one.

Okay, that's enough rambling from me. Smell ya later.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

March 16, 2005 Bobby Womack 'Midnight Mover: The Very Best Of'

Didn't get to do an update yesterday. It was a rather unusual day for me, busy. I had to get up earlier than I wanted to for a "workout". Get my ass in gear and get things together for the Ryan Cabrera show at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem.

I also work as a promotions assistant for Rock 92 and 1075KZL. So, it was my job to get the van in place and get the contest winners rounded up to meet "Mr. Heartthrob". These type of things don't always run smoothly, but this one went rather well. One winner was late by only 5 minutes. I should point out, it wasn't her fault. There was a tractor-trailer overturned on Highway 68 and she had to take an alternate route.

The room was HOT. I have photos showing just how moist and sweaty I got. The place was packed with overzealous woman from the age of 8 to 80. It was very difficult to get to the front of the stage for photo ops. The ladies were very polite, but I got the feeling that I was invading their lustful Cabrera posts. But, I made it and got those pics and a few cheap thrills in the process.

Before you pass judgement with your "dirty old man" finger, there's something to be said about wiggling your way through a crowd of young women.

The wild thing.... Usually between bands at Ziggy's or any other venue, you cannot get a beer within a 5 minute time span. It was not the case with the Ryan Cabrera crowd. All you had to do was walk up and bark your brand. BANG! Beer in hand. Very strange watching barbackers hauling Sprite and Coke around.

Lets move on....

Over the weekend, I sat down to watch 'Resident Evil' on DVD. (And let me go on record as saying, I LOVE Netflix) I hated this movie!

Has there ever been a good film based on a video game?

This is only the second one that I've seen. The first was 'Super Mario Bros.' with Bob Hoskins. Remember that one?

I felt that it was my duty to watch it. After all, I conquered the first Super Mario Bros. back in the days of the original, big as a toaster oven Nintendo. It took a lot of time and a river of beer was consumed in the process. The goal was obtainable.

The only video games that I've completed since are Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal 2. I just haven't found any games worth the devotion it takes to reach it's conclusion since.

I've tried Resident Evil, but it was too difficult for my feeble mind so, I cheated. I found out all the cheat codes on the internet and still had difficulty in reaching the end.

Alien Trilogy and Tomb Raider are others that I found too difficult to finish.

Now SimCity 2000, there's a game that I can get into. Playing God appeals to me. I'm even comtemplating picking up the original SIMS game for my computer. Ahhhh.... The modern day ant farm that doesn't require much attention. Or, maybe you can liken it to an electronic banzai tree. Either way, it'll be something to keep my attention off marathon bouts of self-gratification.

Back to the 'Resident Evil' film. The plot was paper thin. Sure, there was a husband/wife team that lost their memories of their mission as well as each other, but it just wasn't interesting.

The special effects were cool. But it takes more to make an interesting film.

Netflix sent 'Stepford Wives' and 'Bad Santa' to me yesterday. I haven't had time to view them.

I dug the original Stepford so, I wondering how they can improve on the original. The step in the right direction is most definitely, Nicole Kidman. Yummy!

The previews of 'Bad Santa' look funny. I've known a couple of "Santas" in my life. I think I can relate to that flick.

Monday, March 14, 2005

CD in player 3/14/05: Waterproof Blonde 'Glitter Lust'

Just for squirts and wiggles, I thought that I would include whatever the hell I'm listening to along with the date. Do you care? I tend to care what people are enjoying. May even get turned onto something new.

I missed telling you about my previous CD's in the player. Saturday, it was an Ultra-Lounge collection, Volume 16, 'Mondo Hollywood'. The whole series is awesome and downright fun.

Sunday, it was the Vinnie Vincent Invasion's 'All Systems Go'. Not a great album, but it has it's moments. Mr. Vincent was the last guy in KISS that wore make-up. He wore it for one short tour until they unmasked with the 'Lick It Up' album. Then, we saw his true ugliness.

He was only in KISS for a short time. If you were to ask Gene Simmons, I'm sure he would be real diplomatic about it. Vinnie Vincent is an incredible guitarist. His main problem; he goes all out on every solo. Playing as fast as he possibly can. Squeezing in a crap load of musical notes. Simmons has compared Vincent's style to the sound of a bumblebee buzzing and banging inside a sealed, glass jar.

I live in a residential neighborhood in Greensboro, NC. Not that much wildwife bouncing around the neighborhood. But, as I was enjoying a cold one outside, alone, and in the middle of the night, I noticed rabbits running around. I never see them during the day. Where the hell do they live? I've never heard of anyone coming into work limping because they fell into a rabbit hole in their yard. Huh?

Have you ever noticed that leftover rice really sucks?

Here's a beef!

The Pretenders. Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame. Why?

What have they contributed. There are only a handful of songs that I can recall. But, not enough to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame. Of course, this is only my (possibly stupid) opinion.

No one I know has provided me with any good reasons for their induction. This includes everyone I work with at Rock 92. They know music. Doug McKnight stared long and hard through the window behind me searching his mind for an answer. And he's our Program Director. He did not arrive at a compelling answer.

Is it because Chrissie Hynde gave birth to a little Kink?

"Hey, Eddie Van Halen... Why did you pick up a guitar?"

"Chrissie Hynde, man."

"Ozzy Osbourne... Where did you get the idea for the thick eyeliner?"

"Chrissie Hynde, man."

"Alanis Morrisette... Why were you born a woman?"

"Chrissie Hynde."

I don't get it and maybe someone will give me a reason or several good reasons. Who am I kidding? I still won't get it.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Whiskey Man R.I.P.

Just found out today that Danny Joe Brown, former lead singer of Molly Hatchet, has died recently. Our man Brad 'Hinzy' Hines is downstairs in the bowels of Rock 92 putting together a fitting tribute. I've heard it and it's funny because it gives you a good idea of what kinda hard drinking SOB this cat was.

Hinzy also showed me the Molly Hatchet autographs in the CD inserts. Who could've guessed that the page with the lyrics to 'Whiskey Man' would have Danny's signature?

Hell, Hinzy amazes me too. This tall drink of water is from the New England corner of the forty-eight and he LOVES southern rock. He's an encyclopedia of southern boogie and blues. There has to be a Confederate Flag tattoo somewhere on his person.

Bad news really isn't a good way to kick off a blog, but as Stephen Hawking would say, you gotta start somewhere.

Rachel Peterson. Got your attention now?

Yeah, I sent her an email today trying to encourage her to cut me some liners for my show. She's the weekend Meteorologist on WFMY-TV here in Greensboro, NC. Check out her stats...

Oh, and I don't think that I mentioned that she is Dreamy (notice the capital 'D'?). When she's giving her forecast, I get light headed every time she touches a High pressure system on the weather map. It's not quite up to 'To Die For' levels yet and that's all I've got to say about that.

Hopefully, Rachel will come through for me.

Suddenly, I'm out of things to write about. I'll be sure to update this thing whenever I get the urge to purge. And that would be approximately every day. I've got a 70 lb. axe to grind.