Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Non-Conformist Xmas 12/13/02

The title of each blog is the music that I'm listening to for the day. Again, I dipped into the vaults and pulled up an old college radio show. A Christmas show to be exact. I can listen to Christmas anytime of the year. Funny thing... I loathe Christmastime. It's my least favorite time of the year.

For some reason, I started collecting Christmas music that fell through the cracks. The stuff that didn't get any reaction on the popularity meters. The Christmas oddities, if you will.

And every year, I would subject my audience to two or more full hours of my Christmas collection. It was the only time that I played Christmas music on my show. Just like the day itself, I kept "The Non-Conformist Xmas" special.

With that said, on with the show!

I have been dancing with the devil for over a week now and I’m LOVING IT!

I got a check card and I’ve gone cashless. I can pay at the pump. I have paid some bills online. I have walked into a pizza joint and used my check card for a pick-up order. I have even used that plastic sucker for fast food purchases. It’s totally amazing!

You see… I was brought up Baptist for 18 years of my life. I have always heard about the coming New World Order (and I believe in those conspiracies outside of my Baptist upbringing) and the one world government. Everyone is going to be numbered, and in some ways, we are. No one will use pesky money anymore, we’ll all receive numbers or barcodes to send or receive payments.

Currency and coins will be a thing of the past. And if you aren’t willing to receive your number or barcode, well… The devil has a surprise for you. An all expense paid trip to hell on earth. You won’t be able to purchase food or even a Sony Playstation 20. Accept his mark and you shall live.

But, there’s a catch. As there usually is with Lucifer… You get the mark and that’s your passport to eternal damnation. Today we use our Visa check cards and get those reward points for tomorrow we’ll all burn in hell.

My belief is a LOT different from that. If banks and other institutions are keeping up with your money and transactions, who’s to say that they aren’t keeping up with you? Watching your every move? Maybe even planning your next?

Paranoid? I don’t think so.

Look at those cards that everyone uses at the grocery store… They say that it’s to save you money and keep you coming back. But did you know that they track everything that you purchase? They can even send you sale fliers and emails to alert you about specials based on what you have purchased before.

And if they have this information gathered on you, who says that they won’t turn around and sell it? Sell it to other corporations? Sell it local, state, and federal institutions? Sell all the information that YOU have provided them for the sake of saving a few dollars?

They look at us as just sheep and we can be herded to slaughter anytime that they choose. Look at all the SUV’s on the roads. Go ahead, I dare you to tell me that human beings are not herd animals. We see and we want. We want to be like everyone else. Being different is bad.

I have a few of those grocery and drug store key ring cards and I use them. Only they don’t have my name or any other information about me. I use ones that I’ve found in any number of places. I once found a key ring with 5 different cards on it with no keys. I picked them up and I’m still using them today.

There’s probably a non-drinking old lady without a cat somewhere wondering why she keeps getting sale fliers about beer and cat food specials.

I recently used my VIC card at Harris Teeter and I checked my savings for the year at the bottom of the receipt. Damn! The only savings gathered for the person that the card actually belonged to were from that purchase. I was hoping for more, but I figured that once that person lost their card, they went and freely signed up for another.

I filled out a form for a Winn-Dixie savings card a few years ago and used my trusty, fake name. For the address, I used the store that I frequented most often. I thought that it would be funny if they got all the sale fliers for Sidney Tiddycheeks at their store. The fun part was thinking about store managers and other employees wondering whom the hell “Sidney Tiddycheeks” was.

Keep in mind that as much as I love the freedom of having my check card and going cashless, I know deep down inside all this information is being compiled. I’m still rather paranoid about it.

Last night at work, I had to ask Ronald (our maintenance man) to borrow a dollar for the snack machine. I didn’t even have a single coin in my pocket. And so far, that’s the only draw back that I can see.

Well… Besides having my every move and purchase charted by “the man”.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fall Out Boy 'From Under The Cork Tree'

On Saturday, October 1st, I will be emceeing the Tate Street Festival for the third time in as many years. Why do they keep me on? I’ll never know.

Seriously, the Tate Street Festival is always a blast. Vendors with everything from jewelry to antiques, live music, and the only time during the year that you will find delicious pizza rolls at New York Pizza.

I managed to wrangle WFMY News2 Meteorologist Rachel Peterson to make an appearance when things kick off at noon. The television does not do this woman justice. She is absolutely gorgeous and extremely personable. She’s totally out of my league and I know it. There’s no reason for an intervention.

The Tate Street Festival runs from Noon to 5pm. Music this year is provided by Swamp Boat (bluegrass), Expresso Brazil (Brazilian), Chronis (Greek), Dave Fox Trio (jazz), and Johnny’s Middle Finger (Americana).

Johnny’s Middle Finger is a great name for a band. It’s one of the best band names that I’ve heard in a long time. I wondered where they got it until the True Brothers were talking about them during their CD release party at the Blind Tiger. Then the “dumb smack” to the forehead occurred… Yeah! Johnny’s Middle Finger! Brilliant!

Some years ago, Johnny Cash won a Grammy for Best Country Album of the Year. He had ABSOLUTELY no help from country radio whatsoever. So what does Johnny do? He takes out an ad in Billboard Magazine and gave country radio a one-finger salute. My friend Wally Harrison kept that ad on his fridge for months until he had it framed. Now you can find posters and even T-shirts of that photograph.

They played the Blind Tiger after the True Brothers that night, but I couldn’t make it back. I am SO looking forward to seeing them live this Saturday. And, I’m getting me some New York Pizza rolls!

‘Serenity’ opens on Friday and I don’t know when the hell that I’ll get to see it. I am shooting for opening day in the early afternoon, but we shall see. I have to work JJ McCain’s board for 1075kzl that night and I like to go in relaxed and stress free.

‘Serenity’ is the continuation of the ‘Firefly’ television series. YeeHAaaa!! ‘Firefly’ was an awesome show that wasn’t given a fighting chance from Fox Network. Hell, I didn’t discover it until I borrowed the DVD set from my friend Sean Whitley.

‘Firefly’ is a weird mix of science fiction and western genres. It’s produced and created by Joss Whedon (‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, ‘Angel’) and Ben Edlund (The Tick). There are spaceships and cattle. There are laser pistols and good ol’ fashioned guns that fire lead bullets. It’s the old west in space.

I have had people ask me what I thought about ‘Serenity’. They had no idea that there was a show before this movie. If the trailer (advertisement) for this film grabs you, check out the whole series on DVD. The whole series is on a four-disc set and quite worth it.

Well, that’s all I have time for today. Once again, business is picking up. Don’t forget ‘Night Stalker’ premiering tomorrow night on ABC. I thought that it was last week for some reason. I’m blaming the hurricanes.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Gavin DeGraw 'Chariot : Stripped'

I am not a violent man, yet I love violence. I love it!

I just received ‘The Best of Backyard Wrestling Vol. 5’ from Netflix. Being the admirer of violence that I am, I was mildly disappointed with it.

I have enjoyed wrestling since I was a kid and that concerned my mother. She said, “You know that’s not real, don’t you?”

Inside my 6-year-old head, thoughts of television were swirling. Jeannie on ‘I Dream Of Jeannie’ wasn’t real. Samantha on ‘Bewitched’ wasn’t real. Gilligan and the castaways was just a TV show, they aren’t real either.

“When they’re not fighting on TV, those guys are eating together and they’re probably good friends,” she added.

Still, the thoughts of reality and television were whirring around and I came to a conclusion. Superman wasn’t real and neither was wrestling.

“I know it’s not real, mom. It’s on TV,” I said.

My mother finally gave up the “wrestling is fake” argument when I started to reach puberty. She saw that there was no changing me. Although she never said anything, I’m sure she didn’t like me watching the NHL on ESPN just for the fights.

Whenever the local news warned, “Some viewers may be sensitive with our next story. The scenes are very graphic. Please be advised.” A line of flaming pit bulls couldn’t keep me away from the television screen. Whether it was someone getting hit by a truck, attacked by a mob, or a skydiver with a twisted foot from landing wrong, I was all over it.

After watching about five minutes of the backyard wrestlers, I decided that I didn’t need to see anymore of this. The production values were deplorable from multiple dubs and the producers of the DVD would only show clips from the backyard matches. But, I couldn’t turn away. Those people were hurting themselves for our entertainment with fluorescent light tubes, thumbtacks, fire, light bulbs, barbed wire, and sheets of plywood.

What makes them do it?

I couldn’t help but notice the overtones of homoerotic sadomasochism among some of the combatants as they were beating each other with leather belts. Is there something else going on with these crazy cats that they may not even be aware of?

There were even young ladies getting into these backyard rumbles. They were taking bumps that I wouldn’t dare take. One of these ladies was even power bombed through a sheet of particleboard with a flaming stop sign on it. Jesus Chrysler Dodge!

I must admit that some of these people came up with some great names and gimmicks. I liked “The Albino Sasquatch”. For some reason, a short, skinny guy wearing an all white outfit complete with a mask tickled me.

But my favorite was a tag team combination called ‘The Fudge Ranchers’. I’m laughing my ass off right now as I type this…

They had on jogging shorts that were two sizes too small, just like the kind that Freddie Mercury used to wear. They sported tie-dyed girlish tops with frilly collars and ruffles complete with cop sunglasses with mirrored lenses. And to top it all off, they were wearing cowboy boots!

They had me rolling!

Overall, I was disappointed with the DVD and I’m going to take the entire backyard wrestling series off my Netflix queue. One was just too much wasted time. I rather do that with another bad movie from The Rock.

Again, the invitation to be Netflix buddies is here…

Monday, September 26, 2005

True Brothers 'Wanted'

This past Sunday, the True Brothers ( had a CD release party at the Blind Tiger (

I guess that if I had a regular hangout, the Blind Tiger would be the place.

I arrived a little later than I had wanted and I’m putting the blame squarely on the race at Dover. This was the first race that I could sit and watch from start to finish and I was determined to do so.

My first day off after 16 days straight started very lazily around 11 am. I eased myself into consciousness by getting up with no plan but the race and round it off with the True Brothers. I showered and was starting to put the gel into my hair for a session with the blow dryer when my cell phone rang. The caller ID said that it was my mother so, I answered thinking there must be a problem.

“I need you,” she said slightly out of breath. Before I could ask if everyone was all right, she said, “Go down Lawndale and take a left on Cornwallis.”

I managed to ask if there were car problems and got a quick “no” along with a “hurry”.

There went my plans to watch the pre-race show and find out what all the fines and warnings were about in last week’s Nextel Cup race in New Hampshire. Oh well, that’s life in the big city, right?

I got there and found out that my parents had been “shoulder shopping” and had found a Little Tikes playhouse for my niece Chloe. That eased my slight irritation with the crumbling of the day’s plan. It was for something that would put a big smile on that crazy kid’s face. Finding out the reasons that Robby Gordon was so angry with Michael Waltrip will have to wait until I look it up on

I arrived at the BT around 5:17 pm. It was an early show because most of the True’s fans probably turn in around eight or nine o’clock. And to my surprise, there were only a few folks there.

The True Brothers are throwbacks to an era where Grand Ole Opry entertainers did comedy routines along with musical numbers. The True Brothers still remain faithful to that tradition despite the public’s taste for fast and quick delivery. And for the first time, I was starting to realize that.

These guys were VERY popular in the late 80’s with the college kids. The Trues are mavericks and we all understood it. We all enjoyed it. It was nothing to see a double bill with the True Brothers and alt-rockers Bicycle Face.

First of all, the guys don’t have a band. They aren’t really playing the instruments that they have strapped on. The sing to prerecorded musical tracks that they have put out on their CD’s. It saves them a lot of hassle because there are always be personality clashes with members of your band. They bypassed all of those hassles and they did it their way, just like Frank.

I purchased their new CD called ‘Wanted’ and I’m listening to it today. I have always loved the True Brothers and I will continue to support these mavericks.

Granted, there are a couple of things in their show that could be shelved for the sake of keeping things rolling, but they don’t care about my opinion. They are gonna do it their way.

If you wanna see what I’m talking about, check them out for yourself. They are having their second CD release party at the Green Bean. Check out the website. And, if you haven’t been paying attention, its

JJ McCain from 1075kzl has seen them from time to time when their paths cross at the Central Carolina Fair. JJ doesn’t get it at all.

“Eugene, they aren’t playing their guitars,” he says slightly surprised. “They aren’t even plugged in. This is sooo gay!”

Yeah, JJ uses “gay” quite a lot when he’s perplexed.

JJ doesn’t get it and that’s cool. And the True Brothers don’t care if you get it either.

Jacky True once told me that he didn’t care what everyone said about them as long as they didn’t misspell their names.

And not to leave JJ McCain out….

Friday, September 23, 2005

'Protein Shake' a mixtape

There was something that I forgot to mention about Wednesday’s premiere of ‘Invasion’…

They put up a disclaimer before the show aired. It read as follows:

“This family drama contains images of a fictional hurricane and it’s aftermath. Due to recent events, viewers may be sensitive to some of the following images.”

I have a couple of problems with that disclaimer. Shall I tell you about them?

Well, I will anyhow.

First of all, are the viewers so ignorant that they have to be told that this new drama starts off with a fictional hurricane?

Were we going to think that it was a reality show from New Orleans? Were the aliens going to take over the French Quarter and expose themselves for beads?

And why is the network so concerned about how we feel seeing the aftermath of a fictional hurricane?

I feel like the political correctness movement is hampering our freedom of speech and expression. You don’t DARE offend someone with new or different ideas. That would cause people to think.

I realize that folks are traumatized about their lives being changed forever with Hurricane Katrina. I can empathize with that. And, I’m sure that some knuckleheads across the land have called up their ABC affiliates and complained about the insensitivity about the timing of ‘Invasion’.

After Katrina, some small-minded preacher was featured on the news about the message on his church marquee’. He was making national news with “New Orleans – The modern day Sodom and Gomorrah”.

As much as I disagree with him, I still think that he has the right to say whatever the hell he wants. I’m not going to protest it. The man has the same rights that we all have in this country. I applaud his gumption to say what he feels is right.

I just think that it’s a shame that no one can speak his or her minds unless it’s politically correct. Why can’t people be as passive with something that they don’t agree with as they are when they’re in agreement?

We are becoming a nation of wimps. We’re afraid to express how we truly feel about anything because someone may get offended.

I say, “SCREW THAT NOISE! Say what’s on your mind.” Let the offended chips fall where they may.

If folks were offended by ‘Invasion’, they have a wonderful invention at their fingertips. It’s called an “off” button. But people can’t use it or simply turn the channel. They feel that everyone else should adhere to their opinions. If they don’t like it, well… They want the networks to get that kind of stuff off the air. No one should be able to watch ideas that they don’t agree with.

I’m still going to use the word “retarded”. I’m not going to use “African-American”. I’m a loud mouth, white guy. I don’t even mind if you call me a “cracker”. I don’t even like the word “Caucasian”. That’s the Cherokee in me talking now.

Which brings me to another subject… Why are some Indians so uptight about sports monikers like “Braves”, “Redskins” or even “Indians” for that matter?

How many Indians will you run into your whole life?

Lets face it. Indians are disappearing from the landscape of this country. If nothing is left to remind everyone about their heritage, they can be forgotten.

The high school that I graduated from hasn’t changed their moniker yet. They are the Northwest Guilford Vikings. Do the Nordic people have a problem with being portrayed as savage or fierce?

I would consider it an honor. No one is rushing to defend them.

If you’re going to change one group of monikers, I feel that you should change them all. But where does it stop?

Are we overlooking how Lions and Tigers feel about their use with sports teams?

Give me a break. Give all of us one.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gavin DeGraw 'Chariot'

I watched the season premiere of ‘Lost’ this morning and I’m still as mildly perplexed as I was when I started watching the show. I LOVE IT!

Then I watched the pilot of ‘Invasion’ after ‘Lost’. What surprised me the most?

The show was created by the former 70’s teen idol, Shaun Cassidy. He is also the Executive Producer. And, if that were not enough, he wrote the pilot episode. Who says there’s no life after good looks and Parker Stevenson?

The show still hasn’t warmed me up yet, but I’m going to give it another shot next week.

It reminds me a little of the sci-fi show from the 60’s called ‘Invaders’. Now that’s a show I’d like to see in reruns or on DVD. I loved it when I was a kid and I’m wondering if it still holds up today.

They revised the series in the 90’s or late 80’s with Richard Thomas (aka John Boy Walton) and it was awful. Thank Confucius that it didn’t last long.

I finally watched the pilot of ‘Surface’ and I’m digging it all right. Not as good as ‘Threshold’ but it’s something different than a friggin’ reality show. And, it’s better than a reality show.

I found out from you guys (the readers) that ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ debuts on UPN tonight. Thanks for giving me a heads up!

I recently worked another wedding with DJ Coup Delicious. He works on the side as a photographer as well as a party jock. Coup ended up directing part of the wedding since they didn’t hire one. I ended up in the mix as well because someone had to tell the carriage driver that was delivering the bride to take off.

The full moon was beautiful that night. The sky was clear with a few dark, high clouds rolling by from time to time. As they passed in front of the moon, the clouds turned silver around the edges. Some clouds weren’t thick enough to obscure our earth’s satellite and they became like huge transparent, fluffy light bulbs hovering lazily in the sky with the moon as nature’s filament. I just wanted to lie down on the ground and watch the show, but Coup D insisted that I earn the money that he was paying me.

So, I went back to watching celebratory drunks dance it up to the “Electric Slide” and gave the DJ a hand where I could.

The last wedding that I worked (I wrote about it in a previous blog), the caterers gave up the bar and the inmates ran wild in the asylum. This time, the booze ran out very quickly.

They spent a BIG chunk of change on a horse and carriage, but neglected the attendee’s need for alcoholic party lubrication. I knew there was trouble when I only saw two cases of Bud Lite being iced by the bar staff. They had a good deal of wine, but to my trained eyes and liver, it wasn’t going to be enough. I forgot all about my beverage of choice and went quickly for the wine, which yields more alcohol by volume.

Coup D asked me if I would get him a refill of wine and when I brought it back to him, he took a big sip and spat it out into the bushes.

“What is this?” he asked.

I asked him what could be wrong with it.

“Taste it,” he said.

The bar staff had watered down the wine in order to make it last longer. It was 9:30 and the party was going until 11. Signs were not good, but everything turned out all right. As the booze thinned out, so did the crowd.

The one thing that puzzles me… Where did the writers of ‘Wedding Crashers’ get their idea for the film?

In the two weddings that I’ve attended this summer, I have noticed NO single women at these things. The only single females are 14 and under. Every one is paired up. So, where did those writers get the idea for the movie?

Burns me up to no end.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

'The Non-Conformist Cult Radio Show' 11/20/04 cassette tape

'The Non-Conformist Cult Radio Show' was my old college radio show. I played just about any and everything on those airwaves. You would hear hard rock icons like KISS parked next to Medeski, Martin, and Wood. Catpower next to Dwight Yoakam. Kudzu Wish next to the True Brothers. It was anything goes with me.

I taped my shows to critique myself the next day. Now, they are excellent mix tapes as well as an excellent source of embarassment from my early broadcasting days.

Onto the blog, baby...

For the first time in about 15 years, I have been paying attention to what broadcast networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, WB, and UPN are offering for this new fall season. I must say that so far, I’m impressed.

Have you noticed the amount of shows with a sci-fi / supernatural type of premise?

CBS has ‘Threshold’ and something about a chick talking to folks that have refused to go to the other side. I cannot remember the name of that one. Basically, she talks to dead people.

ABC brought us ‘Lost’ last year and I opened my mind enough to catch it in reruns. Now, I’m hooked on that joker. Tonight, after two episodes of ‘Lost’, we’ve got ‘Invasion’. And that show looks like it’s full of possibilities. ‘Night Stalker’ premieres on Thursday night.

NBC offered up ‘Medium’ last year and it took off with the critics and a sizable amount of the audience. They premiered ‘Surface’ on last Monday which I have on tape but haven’t had the time to watch.

The WB has finally scored with me! They’ve always had very crappy shows. But ‘Supernatural’ (Tuesdays) is really good. The only thing that I would change is how the main characters talk. Their dialogue is like high schools punk-asses and not like the twenty-somethings that they are.

Now UPN on the other hand doesn’t have any sci-fi / supernatural shows that I’ve seen. They killed the fantastic ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ last year. But, they do have the new comedy from comedian Chris Rock. From the promos that I’ve seen, it looks damn funny. I don’t know when it premieres.

I asked my friend Sean Whitley a question today… Why are all the networks jumping on the sci-fi / supernatural wagon?

His answer was interesting and I think, dead on. He believes that the network executives have been following this reality show trend for so long, that sci-fi and supernatural type of shows look incredibly creative. The executives are bowled over by anything that requires them to think or where writers of these shows come up with standards from different angles.

‘Threshold’ has MANY redeeming qualities. First of all, there’s a midget genius that walks through life in a hedonistic fashion. He is a boozer who while drinking enjoys looking at women dancing naked.

Secondly, if there were an alien invasion, we would respond to it just like the fine folks on ‘Threshold’.

I cannot remember that last time that was checking my local television listings for network shows that I WANT to watch. It is truly a great time to be alive.

On the FX network last night, the season premiere of ‘Nip/Tuck’. Right out of the dugout, the show hits a home run. If you missed it, you will find it back on again on Friday night.

Did FOX kill off ‘Malcolm in the Middle’?

I haven’t been able to find it. Did they ax it without telling anyone? Are they saving it for a mid-season replacement?

I’m glad that FOX decided to give ‘Arrested Development’ another year. That show has me in stitches with just about every episode. I can’t seem to find where the hell they put ‘The Bernie Mac Show’. Every time a network gets a great show with a black cast, they want to kill it. Meanwhile, pieces of crap like ‘Girlfriends’ seem to run forever.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Jet 'Get Born'

The latest DVD from Netflix arrived today. I received ‘Sideways’. I’ve heard a lot about this film and now I’m finally going to see if it’s any good.

A few months ago, I saw a story on some network news magazine where folks were taking the “Sideways Tour”. You could go visit all the places from the film where you could eat the same meals and belly up to the wine bars and be as pretentious as you want to be.

I wonder if the real “Kramer” had anything to do with that venture….

Before I can get started on that, I must do something very necessary. I’ve got to go to the bank and order some more checks. For some crazy reason, I thought I had at least two more pads of the damn things. When I sat down to scribble numbers and my name on printed paper, I only had one check left. I turned the place upside down looking for the remaining checks that I thought I had. They never turned up. But I did find the missing dress socks that I misplaced.

There’s something else that I’ve been contemplating as well… Joining the New World Order by getting a check card.

I have always been cool with the way things were. You NEED cash. You should ALWAYS have cash on you. I’ve existed just fine with dead presidents riding around in my pockets. I have a lovely money clip that I like to whip out whenever I want to feel pretentious. Phhhhh!… Only suckers carry wallets!

The thing that has pushed me over the edge is the “homeless” folk that I encounter whenever I walk the streets of downtown Greensboro. They will stop you and give you a standard story about how they’re down on their luck hoping that you’ll feel guilty enough to give them a buck or two. I just don’t like lying to those people when I’m going to Natty’s with George, Abe, and Andrew in my pocket.

I work downtown and if you start with one stray, it will hang around looking for you. Then even more strays start to smell what you’re cooking. You will become an easy mark.

I make just enough money to pay for my weekly sins and habits. I can’t be running around handing paper George’s out to every street urchin. So, instead of lying to them, I’m selling my soul and beliefs to embrace the coming cashless society known as the New World Order.

No longer will I have to hit the ATM whenever I want to purchase gas. Just about all the major fast food joints now accept credit cards and check cards. And if I want to purchase something on the internet or over the phone, I won’t have to put it on a credit card where it sits and collects interest against me.

I’m feeling quite giddy about dancing with the devil. Excited, really. Maybe the N.W.O. isn’t such a bad thing after all.

But trust me, I’ll never get excited about Splenda.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Various Artists 'The Best Of James Bond 30th Anniversary Collection'

I just finished up with my work out. It does feel good to exert and sweat again since I had to put off my workouts.

Going up to see Penny with the not fully unexpected extended stay, I had to put off the workouts. Then when I got back, I resumed them and pulled a groin muscle. So, I took about a month off for the muscle’s recovery.

About two weeks ago, I pulled another muscle in my shoulder while loading up the first trailer for Murphy in the Morning’s “Rolling Relief”. That muscle still hasn’t healed, but I decided to push onward with the workout program.

I’m playing it safe by taking it slow. I’m only doing half of what I was doing when I stopped.

On to other things… I’m becoming a little concerned about my father. He’s become quite obsessed about the United States Postal Service. Not about the Postal Service in general, only about the service in our neighborhood.

Ever since I was a little kid, Dad (when he was home) would always rush out to the mailbox as if he was expecting a package full of gold to arrive. Apparently, not all things change over time. With the ears of a dog, he hears the mail truck in the vicinity and his feet guide his zombie like mind to the mailbox where he rummages through posts from far off distant bill collectors.

One Saturday when I pulled into the driveway, I noticed a poorly constructed sign taped to the mailbox post. When the wind calmed I could see that it was made with a sheet of notebook paper. It was positioned length wise in a horizontal fashion, taped at the top and bottom for reasonable assurance against the wind blowing it free. Written on the paper with a blue Sharpie were the words “Night Mail”.

Granted, it was about 5:30 in the afternoon when I pulled in, but I had to laugh on the inside because I know that Dad takes it very seriously.

This past Tuesday, my father went as far as to call the route supervisor about Monday’s mail arriving at 6:20 that evening. During the conversation, my father asked for that his supervisor’s name and asked to be connected to her. He was then put on hold for what he felt was an unreasonable amount of time so; he hung up and called them back. This time, he asked for the top banana and she said that she was going to look into it.

Dad does have one good point… The older folks in the neighborhood check their mailbox for most of the day until they just give up thinking that there’s no mail for them on that day. Then the check or package that they’re expecting sits all night in the mailbox or on the front porch until the next delivery arrives.

The things that concern me the most about his obsession… Is this going to happen to me one day? If and when I become retired, will I have nothing better to do with my time than worry about something that I now perceive as crazy?

I’ve always looked at mail delivery as something that I can never count on. That way, I’ll never get my hopes up only to have them dashed when something that I’m expecting doesn’t arrive.

The only thing that I look forward to in my mailbox is another DVD from Netflix.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I Mother Earth 'Scenery And Fish'

For those who do not know... The blog's title is the music that I'm listening to for the day. Cool?

I have the original 8-bit Nintendo system that I purchased back around 89’ or 90’. Nintendo revamped it’s design right after they released the Super Nintendo. They replaced the box like design with a smaller more streamline one.

I loved ‘Timco Bowl’, ‘Blades of Steel’, and of course, all of the ‘Super Mario’ games. For a long time, I was obsessed with getting to the end of all of those Mario games and I managed to see SMB1 and SMB2 all the way to the finish. There was also a golf game with the Mario Bros. that I dug a lot too. I wish I knew what happened to that one.

The only Monopoly game that I like is for the 8-bit Nintendo. The other more advanced versions aren’t as cutthroat and they aren’t as fun.

My nephew Preston has really taken to the ‘Super Mario Brothers’ game. At first, he didn’t like the fact that he wasn’t excellent right from go. But now he’s accepted the axiom that “practice makes perfect” and now he’s zipping right along through the first level.

He still has some work ahead of him with level two. His biggest problem is that he doesn’t listen. He asks for help and when I tell him how and where, he’s zoning off somewhere else. I got the feeling that he was using me to get through the parts that he had trouble with because that’s when he wanted the controller back.

Now… The boy has to do it on his own.

Some folks believe that video games are bad for kids. Personally, I’ve been using it to teach him about numbers and letters. And, his eye/hand coordination is getting better along with those games.

As for him becoming a couch potato like his Unka Gene, that’s not going to happen. The kid likes going outdoors too much. I don’t think he’ll become one with the cushions until he learns about the joys of porno and beer and that’s a far piece away.

I still have my Super Nintendo somewhere too. I’ll have to dig it out and let him play ‘Eek The Cat’ and ‘The Tick’ games that I have buried in my storage building. Maybe when the weather cools off a bit more, I’ll dig them out.

I’ve become a little disgusted with Netflix lately. I think that they’ve become too popular to handle the load. They used to send out my next DVD the same day that they received one from me. Now they require another 24 hours until they ship it. That burns me up because I ran through 6 rentals a week and now I’m lucky if I can manage 3.

It’s still more economical than purchasing DVD’s. Unless I absolutely have to have it for my collection (‘Green Acres’), I’m not going to purchase any DVD’s. Somewhere in the near future, another format will make DVD’s obsolete. It’s happening to VHS and I’ve got a ton of those that I purchased. Hell, it’s getting that way with CD’s.

Why should I part with a twenty to have something that will be replaced with better technology that will make me part with another twenty or heaven forbid, thirty bucks down the road?

It’s a merry-go-round of fleecing and I have gotten off the ride. All I need is the hardware. The software, I can rent baby!

Monday, September 12, 2005

World Wrestling Federation 'The Music: Volume 4'

I’m sitting here at my computer wondering about what to write about. I haven’t done much but work lately and you don’t want to hear about that.

I could tell you that I finished season 4 of ‘24’ and I enjoyed it very much.

Does that say anything about my life? Am I as exciting as flypaper?

I don’t have the answers.

One thing that I do need is a good dose of live rock n’ roll. The last time that I ventured out, I saw The Fairlanes for the last night of Ritchy’s Uptown. It wasn’t quite as satisfying as hearing a loud hard rock band, but it was enough to ring my ears a little.

I’m currently listening to a tape of my old college radio show from October of 2002 and I’m digging on Stickboy. I know that they had a gig over the weekend, but I just couldn’t see myself making it. I’m in NEED of some Stickboy!

I can’t remember where they played last Saturday night, but I was content on watching the Nextel race and sipping on some beer with Leslie.

We first hit East Coast Wings and I’m proud to say that the Santa Fe flavor no longer has the same effect on my guts like it used to. There were no skirmishes breaking out between my inner workings and indoor plumbing. I feel like I can enjoy a batch of Santa Fe Buffalo Fingers anytime that I want without scheduling a block of bathroom time.

I haven’t tried the Santa Fe in years, but for some reason, I felt like throwing caution into the faces of the gods of Charmin. I normally have the Mango Habanero each and every time that I’m there.

The reason I was taking a big chance was because we were celebrating Leslie’s new job. She’s getting away from a stifling workplace filled with sniping hussies who are trying to move up in a place where they have to kiss ass to do so. Leslie is not one to press her lips against an ass for the sake of advancement.

She had the Bourbon Street flavor of Buffalo Fingers and we both enjoyed a few Amber Bocks. Then we hit the Gate for a twelve pack of Miller High Life, which by the way, are excellent for enjoying some NASCAR action. We watched and were unimpressed when Kurt Busch won the race.

Have I said lately how much I despise that guy?

He’s currently in a great ride with a great team and he’s got a great owner. So what does that jackass do? He signs another deal to drive a car for a lesser successful team even though he’s under contract to drive his current ride next season.

I understand that money was probably a big factor in his decision, but it shows that he has no loyalty whatsoever. He was given an awesome opportunity with Rousch Racing and he won the first Nextel Cup. Then he becomes deceitful and inks a deal somewhere else and uses that pen to stab the organization in the back.

I think that speaks loud and clear about his character.

Leslie suggested going to see Stickboy after the race, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So, I went home, watched a DVD that I got from Netflix, and went to bed.

Perhaps I’m getting old…

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Various Artists 'Golden Throats: The Great Celebrity Sing Off '

Not much going on... I didn't sit down at a computer and write up a decent update.


Because I'm working my way through season 4 of '24'.

Season 4 is awesome! There's no Kim Bauer mucking up things. Although sadly, that means she is not running from anyone with her breasts flopping back and forth.

I put together my own attack plan for Sunday and Monday by using 3 different VCR's (yes, I'm still in the stone age) to record all twenty-four episodes. It all came together perfectly. I have been enjoying this particular season quite a bit.

I've heard all the naysayers talk about the show can't possibly maintain the same intensity, but I don't see it. The show is non-stop fun. I find it difficult to turn in for bed. I must get to the end.

Since I've successfully captured all of season 4 for my viewing, I've X'd it off of my Netflix queue. No need to see it all again. I'm just trying to catch up so that when season 5 gets off the ground in January, I'll be one ready mofo.

I've been playing with my queue quite a bit. I'm actually getting addicted to it. Toying with it here and changing something there. I'm starting to think about it all the time.

If you'd like to be Netflix buddies, holla @ me...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Jethro Tull 'Benefit'

The only objective that I had about last Friday was getting my blood alcohol levels in the Bon Scott zone. So, instead of power drinking white russians until brainwave activity ceased; I decided to attend the cookout at work.

You can find out a lot of things about your co-workers as you sit there filling your mouth with various meat products. Different stories come to surface about the people that you work with. People that you only know by association.

I’ve never been a big fan of company picnics. I once worked in a place where you saw folks constantly bickering against the middle management types whose only purpose seemed to be getting rid of employees as soon as they were hired. So, you can see why I never enjoyed those outings. I even hated the Christmas parties, as did everyone else, and eventually, that company quit having any other functions.

But I actually enjoyed last Friday’s cookout. I found myself chatting with salespeople that I rarely get to see.

After I ate, I downloaded a few things for my boss and then went to housesit my ex-girlfriend’s place. She was making her way to Lake Norman for her last summer hurrah.

I picked up the makings for white russians on the way there.

Right around 4 in the afternoon, I fixed my first of many alcoholic beverages. I drank them right up to 12:30 the next morning before I called it quits. I never achieved the lofty Bon Scott goal. I didn’t even get a buzz. So, I turned off disc 3 of season 2 of ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ from Netflix and went to bed.

Marcia Gan and myself had to deliver the KZL van to the Bryan Park soccer complex Saturday morning. We were told that all we had to do was leave it.

There was this BIG soccer thing going on all day.

That was no joke. As soon as I got there, I was breaking out in hives. The place was crawling with sandal wearing-soccer playing Euro trash. It was awful. I have no respect for soccer. I hate it. I have very little respect for Americans that play the game. The game has no future in this country.

Of course, that is my opinion.

But, I remember a time when they tried to shove the game down our throats with Pele back in the early 70’s. That joker was plastered everywhere. He was on cereal boxes. He was promoting various crap on television commercials. I had no idea who he was. I only knew that he was a soccer player from another country. They never talked about him on the sports news at channel two. Who cared?

I had heard of soccer but I had never seen it. I didn’t want to see it. It sounded like a dumb sport to me.

When I did finally see it, I became easily bored by it.

Soccer doesn’t work in this country. Why don’t the kids that play it understand that there is no future for it here in America?

Whenever we totally accept the metric system, only then will we accept soccer.

My nephew wants to play soccer for some reason. No one in our family gives two piles of dung about the sport. So, it’s my job to harass him about it. Even his mother doesn’t want him to play something popular with sandal wearing Euro trash.

At the soccer complex, I came to the conclusion that soccer makes you stupid.

The parking lot is set up for one-way traffic. When folks were leaving, they totally ignored the signs at the entrance. They disregarded the arrows painted on the asphalt. It was like an idiot convention.

I’ve been to a few Poison concerts where the average IQ is well below genius levels and even we understood the concept of one-way traffic.

While driving the van through the parking lot to take it back to the station, one of these soccer people walked into it. That’s right! He walked right into it and he seemed to get upset about his own stupidity.

He and his buddy were about 10 feet to the right in front of me. They both looked up and stopped in their tracks. As I was passing them, one of the geniuses walked right into the side of the van. Being too stupid to realize that he was dumb, he got angry and hit the side view mirror, knocking it out of place.

Soccer is a sport for those with poor intelligence. Think about it. You hear about the stupid stadium riots they have when a team loses or when they’re out of beer. Hell, I remember when a guy was shot and killed because he missed a game-winning goal.

Is this a game that we really want to teach our young?