Friday, April 28, 2006

Starz ‘Violation’

Yesterday, I hung out with my buddy Sean Whitley, his daughter Winter, and his Aunt Judy. Actually, I spent more time hanging out with Sean. Winter always pulls a shy routine with me. When she finally warms up to my ugly mug, I’m always about to leave.

No matter the age, I don’t do well with the ladies.

I turned Sean onto an episode of Arrested Development that I knew would appeal to him.

Sean is very much into Japanese monster movies like the Godzilla pictures. And on that particular episode of A.D., they poke a little fun at those types of films.

The Bluth Company is trying to get some Japanese investors on board their home building project. They don’t have any homes built to impress them because of a mole problem. Somehow, wires get crossed involving the CIA, a mole suit, a small town complete with miniature trains, and a jet pack suit.

The windows are opened for the investors and they see the tiny town. They believe what they are seeing is real and to realistic scale. That is until a giant mole (Tobias in a costume) pops up from over the hill and starts wrecking the mini-metropolis. George Michael flies in with his jet pack suit and it looks as if he’s fighting the mole.

The first time that I saw it, I was in stitches. Sean had a good fit of laughter as well.

Arrested Development was or is a great show. I still haven’t heard if NBC or Showtime has picked it up yet. There are the rumors floating around that it may be saved. It truly is an awesome show.

I purchased season 1 on DVD and I need to get the rest of them.

After that, we popped in a movie that I received from Netflix called Hostel. Even with the promise of Quentin Tarantino’s name attached to it… It was bad. It was the typical slasher type of film with exposed breasts of hot young girls and filled with gratuitously bloody special effects.

Sean and I were laughing through the majority of the film. It was like watching a concert video of GWAR. The bloody sequences weren’t horrific at all. Instead they made us laugh out loud.

But I will say this… There was one scene that made me wince and I’m sure it would do the same to anyone. Cold-blooded killer or not, you can’t help but wince when you see someone try to walk when his or her Achilles tendon has been severed. That’s just something that all of us can identify with and we cannot ignore how that would hurt even if it were just “movie magic”.

It was predictable and took way to long to get to the killings.

If you like the type of horror movies that will make you laugh, then check it out. Otherwise, stay the hell away from Hostel.

I’m very excited about tomorrow night. I’m going to the Greensboro Grasshoppers game with Marcia Gan and friends. Marcia told me that our tickets are in the suite and this will be a first for both of us.

I’ll make some notes and take some pictures for a full report. Hopefully, I haven’t built it up to much in my mind.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rolling Stones ‘The Singles Collection’ box set (disc 2)

So finally, I’m getting caught up on all my shows that I have recorded on videotape. Netflix is REALLY screwing with me this week. I sent back discs 1 and 2 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Monday. They should have received it on Tuesday. But looking at my queue, they didn’t receive them until Wednesday. That really chaps my ham!

Then… On top of that… I was supposed to receive Shine on Monday and I still haven’t received that one. It seems as if they have a distribution center on Venus and it will get here when it gets here. That disc is a replacement for one that I received in the mail broken and unplayable.

And with all the strangeness that has happened over my weekend and spilling over into Monday afternoon, I have to go along with a new phrase that Sean Whitley introduced me to… “Mercury must be in retro-grade”.

Apparently, that’s a phrase that “new agers” use whenever there’s a run of bad luck or some other strangeness. Sean informed me that it means that Mercury is going around the Sun in such a fashion that it looks as if it’s revolving backwards.

I’m chalking it up to the new moon phase.

I have seen the first two episodes of the new show from FX called ‘Thief’. I was so excited to see Dina Meyer on the show.

Ms. Meyer won my lust and appreciation for her beauty in the movie Starship Troopers. In that film, she had a topless scene that just blew off my doors and since that film, I have taken good care of my eyes. After all, she may just bare it all one day in another film.

In utter disbelief, I watched the first episode of ‘Thief’ and they killed off her character.

I couldn’t believe it! I sat in shocked silence as they quickly killed her off.

Since the show is on FX, the hope was alive that I would get a peak at Ms. Meyer’s lovely mud flaps. Exposed asses are fairly common on other FX shows like The Shield and Nip/Tuck.

Believe me, I was SO pleased to see Gina Torres’ naked buttocks on an episode of The Shield. If you don’t know her, she was on Firefly and she played the love interest of Wayne Palmer on a season of 24.

So you can see why I had such high hopes with Dina Meyer. But NOooooooo!
I still haven’t gotten my license plate renewed yet. Yeah, I know… I said that I was going to take care of it over a month ago, but I just can’t do it. I’m making plans to hit the office and get my new sticker next Monday or Tuesday. So right now, I’m running around town with my tailgate down. That obscures the plate just a little bit so maybe Brother Bacon won’t take notice.

I’ll take my camera and make a day out of it!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Shakira ‘Oral Fixation Vol. 2’

Yes, I’m listening to Shakira today. In case you didn’t know, the title of each blog entry is the music that I’m listening to for the day.

I dig Shakira’s music and I REALLY enjoy watching her move around with that exposed sexy midriff. Is that so wrong?

Another thing that caught my attention… The first picture that I ever saw of Shakira, she was wearing a Scorpions ‘Love Drive’ T-shirt.

Yeah… She’s cool.

Despite the happiness that Shakira’s sexiness brings to me, I still feel empty inside… Malcolm In The Middle will be saying goodbye on May 14th.

I walked into work last Friday and was ecstatic to find the series finale lying on the break room table. I could see it before anyone else and I snagged that joker fast enough to give a DVD whiplash.

Malcolm In The Middle is definitely one of my favorite shows of all time. I would undoubtedly put that show into my top 5 of my all time faves.

1. Green Acres
2. The Beverly Hillbillies
3. Malcolm In The Middle
4. Get A Life
5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer has recently snuck into my top 5. It took me awhile to warm up to Joss Whedon’s comic book like heroine, but now I’m forever hooked and purchasing all the DVD’s.

Just about everyone in Malcolm’s family shows up for his graduation on the last ever episode of Malcolm. Cloris Leachman plays Lois’ mother and she is probably one of the most talented character actors ever in the history of television. And I don’t think that any one other than Leachman could portray her so beautifully.

When I read all the material that came with the DVD, I never realized that the show won five Emmies during it’s 7 year run. You see, I’m not one for award shows because they’re boring and I generally don’t give a damn about the outcome. I like what I like and that’s it.

Fox really pushed the show when it first came out. The show even secured one of the first product endorsements in television with some sort of Doritos or something from Frito-Lay. No! They were called 3-D’s. The cast of Malcolm did the commercials and ate the snacks on the show.

On the last episode, I thought for sure that they would reveal the last name of Malcolm’s family. You know, like the way the two Darryl’s spoke on Newhart (just outside of my top 5)… But when they introduced Malcolm as Valedictorian, the microphone had a little fit of feedback and we didn’t hear it.

Oh well, if I can live with the end of the series, I guess that I can keep on breathing without the last name being exposed.

My sister Tina recently told me about how much she enjoyed Malcolm In The Middle when she caught a late night viewing on Fox 8. She thought that it was funny. She also told me that she saw a couple of episodes when it first came on, but somehow it escaped her.

The Fox network kept moving it around and in a move that SERIOUSLY pissed me off… They moved it to the 7 O’clock hour and it was always being “joined in progress” after NFL games and NASCAR races. Fox treated it like garbage even though the show remains as strong today as it was 7 years ago.

I can’t save it. The millions of Malcomites cannot save it either. But do me a favor… Watch some of the show. You can find it on weeknights at 11:30 for the reruns. If that’s too late, use the damn VCR or DVR or some shit. The new ones, while they last, are on Sundays at 7pm.

Since there were requests, here is one of the most recent pics of me. We are pictured with the band Maroon 5. I’m the fat guy at the bottom between the hot girls. The one on my right, your left, is Allison Moore. She sits in on the Weather Dave Will Bastard Show on Rock 92. Brad “Hinzy” Hines is the really tall dude with a Red Sox hat in the back.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bus Stop ‘A Little Faster’

Saturday night, I was at Solaris in downtown Greensboro. I was having dinner and hoisting a few Red Oaks at the bar with my friend Kristina. Of course, when you’re drinking beer, it wants out almost as soon as you drink it. You know the old phrase… “You don’t buy beer, you rent it”, right?

As I excused myself and answered Nature’s Call, I noticed something that I found disturbing. Every trip to the Dude’s Loo involved other blokes answering the call. And after they were finished standing in front of the porcelain amenities doing their business, they just walked out. No hand washing. No hand sanitizer. No NOTHING!

I didn’t even want to touch the door handle when leaving because they had just touched their peckers. Now they’re placing their peckers all over the building by the touch of their hands.

From my count, there were 3 guys that didn’t wash their hands after unzipping their pants, pulling out their little thinking buddy, and urinating. Is it wrong for me to be so grossed out by that?

I mean, I’ve seen it done in bars before and that didn’t bother me because there’s generally no food eaten at a bar that caters to the live music crowd. Hell, I’ve been guilty of it too. Sometimes, there’s no running water in those facilities. I can live with that. I can accept it.

I’ve always had a “clean hand” fetish. I showed the first signs of it when my parents and I were celebrating my first birthday back in 1967. They sat me in a high chair and placed a large sheet cake in front of me. They thought that I wouldn’t be able to control myself and that I would start tearing up the cake in front of me. They planned on me making a GLORIOUS mess to be captured by the best 1960’s technology that Kodak had to offer.

But I sat there… Just staring at the cake.

After a few minutes, my parents took matters a step further to achieve the desired photos they had in mind. They plunged my hands into the center of the cake. And before they could regroup with the camera and snap a picture, I had pulled my hands out. I stared at them for a moment and then I started crying.

The picture has me crying and looking at my hands covered with birthday cake. As it turns out, I didn’t like having my hands dirtied with cake or anything else for that matter.

One day I discovered that I could make little towns complete with Hot Wheels transportation in the dirt. I would be covered from head to toe with red clay and dust when I was tired of playing. BUT my hands would be clean and tidy. Rarely did anyone have to tell me to wash my hands.

I’ve never been obsessive about it. I don’t start crying anymore whenever my hands get dirty. I just wash my hands quite frequently. And that’s probably a good reason why I don’t get many colds and other bugs.

Monday, April 24, 2006

KISS ‘Alive’

My father gave me the word last Friday morn… I’m going to be an aunt.

My sister’s sonogram revealed that a small female is growing inside her. And one day she’ll push her little head into the world with minimal bloodshed and tearing. Kevin and Pam are naming her Gracie.

I’m not too thrilled about that name, but it ain’t my kid. I’m just the lowly godfather with no opinion that counts with them.


Since they’re not having a boy, one of my Green Acres names is safe.

Although I’m still on the “sunny side” of 40, I’m still capable of producing offspring. Throughout the years, I have gathered a list of names for my future children and I have based them on my favorite television show, Green Acres. All the names are from characters on that show.

Here’s a list of boy’s names…

Dawson (what Kevin and Pam chose and cannot use)
Hoyt (not actually a character/Hoyt Clagwell was the brand of tractor Mr. Douglas had)

Here is a list of girl’s names…

Sam (NOT short for Samantha)

I particularly like Haney for a girl’s name and I cannot tell you why. I think maybe I just like the way it sounds and I’ve always liked Mr. Haney because of his selling pitch / comedy routine.

Let me know what you think… Leave your comments.

For years, no one ever thought about Dawson for a name until Dawson’s Creek did a little time on The WB. Once that show started gathering a small following, the name Dawson took off.

Yeah, I was kinda irked by that, but it wasn’t like I could start a family at that particular point in my life. Right now, my baby crates are still in good working order. There’s been a slow down in production, but the lines are ready to crank up at a moment’s notice. Just keep the Union informed.

Since some of you have requested it, here's a picture of me. It's an old one. I'm larger now and my hair is much shorter. The man that I'm pictured with is none other than Stock Car Racing Legend, Dick Trickle.

Photo by Wally Harrison.

Friday, April 21, 2006

'For You... Too' A mix tape by Melanie Holdway

The title of each blog is the music that I’m listening to for the day. Today’s choice is a very private one and yet here I am exposing it. Melanie, you knew that I was a bastard a long time ago… But chances are that you’re not reading this.

Melanie is as distant as the date written on this mix… 8/88.

We made little mix tapes for each other to enjoy together when we were alone and basking in the warm glow of happiness. Whenever personal mixes like this pop up into my rotation, it’s like jumping into Professor Peabody’s Wayback Machine. We would make little covers for them and here’s a picture of Melanie’s handiwork.

Goat Boy brought me something back from his little vacation to the Bahamas… A shot glass. The only other shot glasses that I own are part of a drinking chess game…

My bible-thumping mother, of all people, gave this to me one Christmas. When I first opened it, I tried to mask the “Why?” that was plastered all over my face. Did mom really think that I just drink and drink and drink like some kind of frat boy? Was she finally coming to terms with the fact that I like to drink? Was she accepting my vices and me?

I only broke it out once and that was to appease Preston’s curiosity. And for the record, we used apple juice instead of liquor.

So, I guess that I already had a good collection of shot glasses as well as a thinking man’s game.

The only other shot glass that I’ve ever had was a Jim Beam shot glass with Robby Gordon’s car on it. I only got because it was attached to the neck of a fifth of Jim Beam bourbon. It’s still in the box and I still need to get the other 2 in that Robby Gordon series.

Will I seriously set upon a quest to acquire them?


The one Goat gave me is on the left and the Robby Gordon is on the right.

I never found any Dick Trickle shot glasses.

I’m still on my quest for the perfect lighter. Not a Bic or some other kind of disposable. I’m looking for the right Zippo lighter. I started carrying one a little over a year ago for two purposes.

1. A German cat showed me how to open a bottle of beer with a disposable lighter at a party at Mitch Easter’s Fidelitorium Studios. And with that information, as long as I had a lighter, I would always be able to enjoy a frosty adult beverage.
2. And you never know when a lady will need a light.

That last one has served me well.

I’ve toyed with getting a KISS lighter, but I don’t know if they ever officially put out any Zippos. I’ve looked for a Cheap Trick lighter too and I’ve had no luck.

Perhaps I should just go with something non-descript… But having a lighter that means something to me will make me keep close tabs on it. I won’t be giving it up to someone just because they don’t have one and mine is disposable. I want that lighter to mean something and even possibly represent a facet of my personality. I want a story behind the lighter.

I’m not looking for something like the watch story from the film ‘Pulp Fiction’, but a back-story is always nice.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ramones ‘Acid Eaters’

Tuesday night, intern Jen and I took the Rock 92 Van over to Winston-Salem for the Gov’t Mule show at the Millennium Center. Neither one of us really didn’t care about seeing the Mule so we didn’t set foot inside.

I saw them last year and as much as I like them on CD, I just didn’t like them live. Perhaps it was the setting? Perhaps it was just the mood? I don’t know, but I do plan on giving the Mule another chance when I see them at a venue with better sound.

This is Jen posing in front of the Rock 92 Van.

Here’s another picture intern Jen telling me how much she enjoys her picture being taken.

Jen and I got there early and we set out for Foothills Brewery on foot. It was more than a few blocks away and it was a nice evening for a stroll. Especially if there’s handcrafted beer waiting for you. We had dinner and a few barley pops and headed back to the Millennium Center.

There we met up with Katie O’Brien (aka Knock Out) from the Murphy in the Morning show on our sister station, 1075 KZL. As it turns out, Knock Out is a big fan of the Mule.

Here is Knock Out (aka Katie O’Brien) getting angry with her roommate taking her sweet time getting ready for the show. This picture was taken minutes before the start of the show and the roommate was still at home.

Jen and I got back to the station around 9:20 or so. I pulled the Rock 92 Van next to her car and a Ford Focus pulled up on the other side. It was my friend Kim Thore!

I haven’t seen her in months because she has pursued other interests in Florida. She was up visiting her sick father and she was quite a sight for sore eyes. And I just thought that it was funny running into her after our Mule thing because the two of us saw the Mule last year.

Our first time at a Mule show went something like this… People were dancing as if they were having epileptic seizures while standing up. They were jerking around like they were playing Hackey-Sack with invisible balls. The music was loud and distorted and we couldn’t get close enough to see anything. So we walked out, found her car, and headed to Burke Street Pizza where I could have a few beers and a slice of cheese pizza for her.

We got back in time for the encores that lasted for fucking ever… They just wouldn’t stop playing and we were the only two people in the place not enjoying it. Then we stuck around for the meet and greet with the band. Yeah, I know that it’s a pretty shitty thing to do but I wanted autographs on my CD and I got Warren Haynes to give me “rabbit ears” in our picture together.

You’d be surprised on how many refuse my request for “rabbit ears”.

So Kim and I actually got to do a little catching up before I went to work again.

Yesterday, I received Breakfast On Pluto and The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou from Netflix. I threw Breakfast in first and I loved it right off the bat! The movie is funny as hell!

Cillian Murphy plays this cat named Patrick that was left on the doorstep of a Priest when he was a baby. Patrick wasn’t a normal kid growing up… He liked to wear his foster mother’s clothes and put on make-up. You guessed it, Patrick wants to be called Patricia and has added “Kitten” to replace his middle name.

Kitten has a flair for the dramatic and was in constant trouble in school. During “her” teen years, she leaves home and heads for London in search of her birth mother who resembles Mitzi Gaynor.

Kitten gets involved with bikers, rock stars, and magicians through her travels. She also encounters gunrunners and terrorists.

It’s a TOTALLY crazy film and I loved it! I laughed my ass off! And the soundtrack filled with glam rock was totally awesome.

Then I tossed in The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou and again started laughing my ass off.

It’s a story about a Jacques Costeau type of oceanographer/explorer who lives on his boat with a crew. They travel the world searching for new creatures in the sea and film their adventures. Team Zissou are like rock stars and the paparazzi follows them around as if they truly are rock stars.

I cannot tell you the lengths on how weird this film is… Check it out for yourself. It’s no “knee-slapper” but it is damn funny at times.

On the Netflix grading scale of one to five stars, I’m giving them both five full stars!

Until tomorrow… Hopefully.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

‘Hope Ya Enjoy It Eugene… I Did’ A mix tape by Wally Harrison

Sunday afternoon, I was in the shower feeling refreshed from my 11 hours of sleep and I was thinking… And I can get some weird thoughts. I can’t control when or where these “weird” thoughts come to me, I just let them flow. I was thinking about what was on my North Carolina Driver’s License. And in great detail, what silhouette was pictured on my license.

So I got to thinking… What do other people have on their NCDL?

I have a silhouette of the Wright Brothers taking flight. And, I got to choose what silhouette I wanted.

After talking with my parents and siblings, I found out that not everyone gets to choose what’s put on their NCDL. My mother didn’t get to choose her’s… The silhouette of the state.

Here are some of the results from my non-scientific, blanket text message poll:

Danny Fonorow (, Mike Klein (, and Jason Goodman ( all chimed in with “What?”

Patricia Sims (mom / didn’t choose), Joe Davis (Dick Broadcasting Creative Services / chosen), and Brad “Hinzy” Hines ( / chosen) all have the silhouette of the state of North Carolina.

Lisa Wall (cousin) first answered my text with “Huh?” Later she came back with the “lighthouse” that she chose on her NCDL. Other lighthouse people are Allyson Jones (randomly assigned), Tina Howlett (sister / chosen), Marcia Gan ( / chosen), and Allison Moore (DBC Radio / chosen).

Only two people came up with the Wright Brothers… Richard Heffner (future brother-in-law / chosen) and myself. And yes, I choose the Wright Brothers.

The list of folks with the State Seal was impressive… Katie ( / chosen), Will Bastard (The Weather Dave Will Bastard Show on Rock 92 / chosen), Mary Giddings (Left Field Tavern – Passion Parties / chosen), Carolyn McCallum (WFU / chosen), and Kristina Krautblatt (Portrait Homes / chosen).

Now… You want my theory? And, it’s just a theory.

If you chose the state silhouette, you fall a little more on the conservative side with patriotic values.

If you chose the lighthouse, you fall in line with the more liberal beliefs. Light equals optimism.

If you chose the Wright Brothers, you follow your own thinking and your beliefs reflect that. You can go either way depending on how you see things.

If you chose the State Seal, you want your NCDL to look more official and therefore you’re an illegal immigrant.

Again, these views are only my own. Please feel free to let me know what you have on your NCDL in the comments section.

I understand that a lot of you didn’t get to choose what silhouette is on your license. Perhaps it was extremely busy when you got your NCDL, I don’t know. But, if by chance you got something that represents your line of thinking… That’s even cooler.

I was driving back from Winston-Salem on Monday afternoon and for some reason, I thought that it would be cool to snap a photo with the camera sitting on Roxy’s steering wheel. Here it is…

Yeah, it wasn’t as cool as I expected but what do you want from me? I was riding the high of a belly full of East Coast Wings ( and I wasn’t thinking clearly.

Monday, April 17, 2006

‘I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream’ A mix tape by Brad Kesler

Saturday night, I finally slept like Abraham Lincoln. As Abe keeps on sleeping, I awoke after 11 hours. When I woke up, my back was as stiff as morning wood. It was all I could do to bend down and lift the toilet seat and lid for the day’s first squirt. Whenever I sleep for a long period of time, my back gets all messed up.

Is it my mattress? Or, is it old age creeping up on me?

I’m guessing that it’s a little of both.

I’ve got a few movies from Netflix waiting on me. I’ve got National Treasure, ECW Bloodsport(disc 1), and Wolf Creek patiently sitting on my entertainment center. I managed to watch a little of the ECW DVD before hitting the sack Saturday night. There’s nothing like a little dramatized bloodshed before a period of dormancy.

Again, the title of each of my blog entries is what I’m listening to for the day. “Answering Machine” by The Replacements just came on. Every time that I hear that song, I fall more in love with it. For some reason, I just thought that I would throw that out there.

Saturday afternoon before going to work, I dropped by the Gate Station and filled my gas tank and grab a Black Cherry Vanilla Coke. I walked up to the counter and said, “This and pump five.” As I thumbed throw my cards, I couldn’t find one in particular… My check card was missing. A small wave of panic crossed over me and went away as I noticed my credit card.

I paid for the item and fuel, walked back to my truck thinking about where the thing could be. Immediately, the Left Field Tavern came to mind. After all, that was the last place where I used it. I don’t have their number programmed in my cell phone so I gave Mary Giddings a call to find out the number. As luck would have it, she was at the LFT and quickly found my card.

Whew! Crisis averted.

I honestly don’t remember getting it back when I was there Friday night. But, the thing that bothers me… Why didn’t I notice that?

I normally watch the damn thing like a penniless drunk watches folks leave the ABC Store with bagged bottles in hand. So, what was different about this time?

Well, that’s about all that I have to write about. Again, another short update. But, for some reason, the shortest updates bring the most comments. How strange is that?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Night Ranger 'Dawn Patrol'

Whew! It has been a very long week, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I had a GREAT time hanging out with Two Guys Named Chris and Deidre. Sure, as much as Kelly mentioned me by name and filling in for a vacationing Goat Boy, listeners kept calling me “Goat” when they called in. So, I’m guessing here… Maybe some listeners aren’t so good at listening. :)

Nothing much happened with me this week because I was too busy working. Surprisingly, my Netflix habit didn’t suffer that much. I managed to watch a few flicks during the week.

I also received my Buffy The Vampire Slayer seasons 1, 2, and 3 on Wednesday. I purchased them on eBay for 45 smackers with shipping included. Season 1’s case was a little scuffed up around the edges, but all the DVD’s were in fine and working order. I was quite pleased with my find. I had just about giving up on finding any bargains anymore on eBay.

When your faith is restored, it’s a great feeling!

Last night (Friday), Christine and I hit the Left Field Tavern right behind the First Horizon Park. I was putting down some Yuenglings along with a few shots of Jim Beam Black. Hey, I gotta throw in my support for Robby Gordon in the Jim Beam Chevrolet!

We sat outside to get away from the loud karaoke happenings inside the bar. As the night moved on, more people moved out. There was a group of people standing directly in front of the door blocking the path from the patio to the bar. I walked up thinking they would cut a path for me and one girl even pointed out that I was coming through. But this one cat said, “I ain’t moving.”

His friend pulled him out of my way by the arm, but I made sure to bump him with my shoulder as I passed by. I said, “excuse me” as I did it… You just can’t back down from jerks and assholes.

Later on, before we left on our separate ways, I had to hit the head. As I was coming back, the same asshole had set up a “road block” in my path. There was no way around the jerk so I excused myself as I kind of guided him out of my way with a hand on the back. I was amazed that he didn’t protest.

I changed my thinking about the guy… Perhaps he wasn’t an asshole; maybe he was just a dumb ass.

As Christine and I were walking to our cars, the moon was full and hiding behind one of the tall buildings in downtown Greensboro. It was beautiful and I wished that I had my camera with me.

I’ve GOT to start carrying it with me at all times!

When I got home, I broke out my tripod and set up for a couple of shots of the moon. It was a wonderful show with the high clouds floating around. I took several shots, but this is the only one that I liked from the bunch.

Well, that pretty much does it for me. Sorry about the shortness of the update, I will catch you Monday and hopefully I’ll have a story involving something interesting. And maybe even a few pictures!

I’m really getting into this photography thing!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Motorhead 'No Remorse'

Tonight... Friday night... I plan on sleeping like the dead. I haven't had a whole lot of time for anything, much less sleep.

I appreciate you checking back for updates and such. I haven't really had the time to update this week. Check back late Saturday. I PROMISE a long update and maybe, just maybe... Some pictures!

Any requests?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nickelback ‘All The Right Reasons’

Today, I admitted to Josh from the Murphy in the Morning show that I have thoroughly enjoyed the new CD from Nickelback. And he backed me up by saying that the album is in fact “AWESOME”. I also told him that I never gave them half a chance. I had heard one or two songs that I didn’t like and quickly dismissed them. I mean, after all, the masses can’t be right when it comes to multi-platinum recordings.

As soon as I heard the song “Photograph” from ‘All The Right Reasons’, I was hooked. Finally, a copy of the CD fell into my music elitist hands and I LOVE IT!!! This a great album and like Forrest Gump… “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

While over at my sister’s Sunday night for The Sopranos, she let me try the new drink from Coca-Cola. It’s called something like “Coca-Cola Blak” and it’s coffee flavored. It’s damn good and it reminds me of the Cappio drinks that Maxwell House put out a few years ago.

She also gave me a case of Perrier 4-packs. If you don’t know, Perrier is a sparkling mineral water and I fell in love with it back when I was just a kid. I haven’t had any in a few years and I’ve been drinking them like crazy.

Forgive me if these updates aren’t all that funny to you, I’ve been a LOT busy this week. Not only have I been doing my own thing, but also I’ve been filling in for Goat Boy on the Two Guys Named Chris show.

Once again, my TV and Netflix habits are suffering. But I don’t really mind because eventually my ass will become one with the couch for more than a few hours one day soon.

I recently watched The Ice Harvest with John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton and I was highly impressed with it. It’s a dark little film about two guys trying to come up with the perfect crime. And of course, plans don’t usually work out the way you want.

If you haven’t seen The Ice Harvest, take my suggestion and check it out. Be sure to watch the Billy Bob Thornton outtake in the movie extras. He’s filming a scene with Cusack and Thornton slips into “Carl” from Sling Blade. That is funny stuff.

Please accept my apologies for the shortness of this update… I’m going to watch Loggerheads and then try to grab eight hours of shut-eye.

Here’s the Netflix buddy call out….

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Straitocruiser ‘Revolutions’ (advance copy)

Someone asked me what I used for blood in the picture with Chloe and Preston after a WWE style “Last Kid Standing Match”. The pic, by the way is under the TUESDAY, APRIL 04, 2006 blog entry. For reasons behind my comprehension, they thought that I would use real blood for realism.

Uh… He’s five. He doesn’t like to bleed or feel pain.

That will come when he hits the teenage years and hopefully without the garish “Goth” look.

I used ketchup everybody. One, like the common packets of ketchup from any fast food joint that can easily be found in my refrigerator.

And I plan on teaching Preston how to make his own fake blood with Karo Syrup and food coloring. Remember to add a hint of brown for the most realistic faux (that’s French Stina) blood.

My cousin Dan Lively and I found the recipe for the phony red stuff one summer where most of the family came together for a common cause… Building my Grandmother a house.

Dan and I would purchase Vampire Blood brand and it got too expensive because we always used too much. Karo and food coloring were the best alternatives and quite economical too. You could make a quart for two dollars.

The family all came together for a cook out. There were dogs and kids running everywhere until nightfall.

The family watermelon came into contact with Dan and me… It was found with a knife stuck through the rind and into the meat. Phony blood coming from the wound and dripping down the sides. Grisly and yet somehow funny. It was simply dismissed by the elders with a “those guys” comment and a shake of the head.

Dan and I helped in the building of my Grandmother’s house. We did the small gopher like things and kept things tidy. But, there was a lot of down time between duties and we put our new faux blood to good use.

My grandmother’s house was built on the outskirts of Union, WV on Highway 3. The only other main road into Union is 219 and there was good traffic flow without a whole lot of danger. Dan and I staged faux-bloody fights 10 to 15 feet away from the road.

We would put red Karo on our faces and on our knuckles making believe that we were collecting lacerations. Every so often, we would spray a mouthful when we looked as if we were taking one on the chin.

We never stopped traffic but I do remember a four-door sedan with four older folks slowing down to get a good look at the show. I can only imagine what they were thinking when they saw two pre-teen kids pretending to beat the hell out of each other in front of a house being assembled by a group of men not giving a damn about anything except hammering nails.

Hopefully, they passed on a story about what they saw.

Dan and I have always done crazy stuff. We didn’t really do it to be noticed. We did it to be funny and have a good laugh. We amused ourselves and that’s all that mattered. Check out his website...

And despite your attempts to help me with html and links... I still cannot do it. Lay off me, dammit!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Twisted Sister 'Love Is For Suckers'

I had almost given up hope on finding any more bargains on eBay. But for some reason, I dropped by the site and put “Buffy season dvd” on the search. Perhaps the idea was born from the angels whispering in my ear… I’m not discounting Divine Intervention here. The first thing that came up, I won. AND!!! At a damn good price.

I happened to find the complete seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on DVD for a NICE 45 bucks total with shipping included. I also won this item after seeing it for the first time only minutes before. I was watching it like a crack addict spying on an unattended open purse. I kept waiting and waiting for someone to swoop in and snipe me. I refreshed that page every minute or less until I had won the auction.

I chatted with Joe Davis about it and he didn’t seem to share the same amount of enthusiasm. I don’t know. Maybe he was distracted with actual work or something?

Kristina didn’t seem to share the same reaction. My sister Tina didn’t really kick over any buckets either…

I think… That I had… One of those moments of clarity.

How bad am I?

I’m turning back flips over spending money on something that doesn’t fit into the big picture… Meanwhile… Someone… Somewhere… Could be giving their last dollar for something to eat.

Should I be ashamed of buying something that I enjoy?

Who was whispering in my ear? Was it a little demon telling me to give in to MY pleasure?

I don’t know. Devils and demons aren’t really into providing anyone any pleasure. Unless it’s a monkey’s paw. Buffy will last longer than 3 wishes and without any tricks. There will be no freshly buried Joyce Summers’ doing the dead chick shuffle and slide up the driveway at midnight.

Through thick and thin, Buffy and Green Acres will always be there to comfort me. When I need a laugh, a smile, a trip back in time, or purposefully twisting the minds of my nieces and nephews, Homicide: Life On The Streets and Seinfeld will be at hand.

What are your favorite shows?

Leave your comments in the comments section. That seems to make sense.

I’m kind of bummed that Preston hates The Beverly Hillbillies. I’m just now thinking that he needs to see Get A Life. He doesn’t like the Star Trek series either.


You’re next, baby.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

‘Blowing Like A Circle Around My Skull’ A mix tape by Brad Kesler

You know… I got nuthin’. I’ve absolutely nothing to write about. I could write about why I haven’t renewed my license plate… So I will.

I have the money and Roxy, my truck, is up to date when it comes to insurance. I’m just real lazy about it and I dread the tax bill that soon follows license plate renewal. Plus, I don’t like going to the plate office.

Years ago, there only used to be one office for tag renewal and it was practically an all-day event. There was lots of standing in line waiting and contemplation of suicide. I dreaded it with every fiber of my being. I’ve got better things to do on my day off like watching TV or drinking large amounts of beer with friends like Sean Whitley.

One day, I decided that I wasn’t going to be bored with the lines at the Golden Gate shopping center office. I took a folding lawn chair and a book with me because waiting in line there was usually a 45 or more minute ordeal with people looking at their watches, sighing, and huffing. I just wasn’t going to have it.

I would sit and read my book and every so often I would resituate my position as the line inched ever so slightly forward. I got dirty looks from the people that worked at that office and from the people in line, I got “attaboys” and folks telling me what a good idea it was. One guy even said that next time he was going to bring his golf stool with him.

I was going to try another approach this year by paying for them over the Internet and receiving the little sticker in the mail. But getting a new check card put a stop to those plans.

If you don’t recall, I got a charge on my check card that I never made at a place that I had to look up in the phone book.

Getting my vehicles inspected was something else that I didn’t like doing much. My old Ford Escort EXP (her name is Ruby) and me went over 18 months before getting popped by Brother Bacon. The cop was amazed that I had gone so long without getting my car inspected.

I had good enough reason in my mind… To get Ruby to pass 19 months earlier, I had to hand over $460 bucks to get her exhaust system to pass the test with the new air quality regulations.

When I would pass law enforcement officials, I would throw up my hand and wave. I used misdirection to get them to look at me and thinking to themselves, "Do I know that guy?"

When I finally got caught, I was sitting at a small intersection on Chimney Rock Road and I-40 (no longer there). The cop was sitting across from me and I knew that he had taken notice. He turned around and pulled me on the other side of the bridge. He gave me a ticket instead of a warning because it had been 18 months. I didn’t blame him and it was dismissed when proven that the vehicle had been inspected and passed.

I’m thinking that I need to get my plates renewed today, but maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. Friday looks like a good day too.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tracy Thornton ‘Pan For Punks: A Steelpan Tribute To The Ramones’

Here are a few pictures from this afternoon when I had to watch BOTH of my sister’s kids, Preston and Chloe. The first picture is of Chloe in “time-out”. She hit Preston in the head with one of my old cell phones.

Separately, they are sweet little angels. Together, the pair are as volatile as mixing nitroglycerin on the back of a wild bronco. There’s going to be an explosion and a mess. They’re like two drinking buddies who get along fine until one flares up about something stupid. Then a fight breaks out and when it’s over, they’re chatting like best buds again.

So after becoming tired of dealing with their shenanigans, I decided to take the WWE approach and sanctioned a “Last Kid Standing Match”. As you can see from the picture, Chloe came out on top and all has been settled. That is until I can construct a steel cage for their next meeting.

I watched The Aviator finally. I received the damn thing from Netflix on Saturday and I somehow managed to find the time to watch it. I know from seeing the John Wayne movie, The Conqueror, that Howard Hughes was nuts. I’ve heard all of the stories concerning his idiosyncrasies and for the most part, I dismissed them. Even after seeing The Aviator, I’m still not convinced that most of the stories are true.

One thing about Mr. Hughes, he had get up and go. He had moments of genius that equaled any of the craziness going on inside his head.

I especially liked the way the film was shot. I’m a big fan of Martin Scorcese’s work. There were a couple of scenes where I just about shot a load over. The man is one of the all-time great directors.

And… We share a birthday! Scorpios rule, baby!

I know that this entry is short, but I don’t have a whole lot of time left in my day before going to work.

Again, the title of each blog entry is the music that I’m listening to for the day. Check out Tracy’s website if you’re interested.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Knitters ‘Poor Little Critter On The Road’

I submit to you, a picture of Roxy, my beloved truck.

For most of last week, people kept giving me strange looks when I answered their “Are you going to see Switchfoot Sunday night?” question.

My answer was, “Uh… It’s Wrestlemania.”

Yeah. They gave me strange looks. As if they didn’t know that I’m a fan of professional wrestling. Weather Dave knew that I was going to Winston-Salem to watch it and for some reason; he thought that it was taking place at the LJVM Coliseum. Why? I don’t know.

I hung out with Tim Beeman who orders every PPV that the WWE has to offer. Before I hit his doorstep, my fat ass and me hit Long John Silver’s for some artery clogging goodness. Man, those clams hit the spot.

Saturday, I worked another wedding with Coup DeLicious and Triad DJ Service. Once again, it was another case of movies and television lying to me.

Movies like Wedding Crashers give hope and promise to those of us who are terminally single. But again, real life reared its ugly head. There was no abundance of single women unless you’re looking for a 70 to 90 year old silver fox. And since I was working, there was no real possibility to drink enough to score with a sexagenarian.

The crowd on Saturday was heavy in the middle ages. Not that they were having a renaissance wedding or anything like that… The folks were mostly 40 and above.

Oh well, pop me another Star…

There was one cat that started getting drunk and belligerent about hearing a song request. He wanted Hank Junior’s “Family Tradition” and it just wasn’t fitting in with what Coup was doing. Plus, there were a few other requests ahead of Mr. Bottled Personality.

After the dance floor had cleared out for couples dancing, Coup threw on the Hank Jr. tune and the floor became crowded within an instant. Women were prancing around with their skirts hiked up for fancy footwork. The men sat down their drinks and everyone was singing like bed-shitting babies.

So Coup lined up another request, one that we both knew wouldn’t cause any reaction other than a mass exit from the dance floor.

We were wrong.

Even MORE people hit the dance floor when Meat Loaf’s “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” came blaring out of the speakers.

It was crazy! The silver foxes were kicking up their heels right along side of the twenty-something hotties. Guys were ripping off their toupees and singing along with Meat Loaf’s part of the odd rock n’ roll duet. Every woman there including the silver foxes, sang every word with the same conviction that Karla Bonoff did in the video for the song.

Coup and I couldn’t believe what we were witnessing with our bloodshot eyes. We thought, with obviously good reason that the song just wouldn’t fly. And in cases like that one, it’s good to be wrong. It was highly entertaining.

I’m still way behind on my Netflix and television viewing habits. I’ve got 3 discs from Netflix sitting on my entertainment center and every time that I look at them, I can hear the sound of change slipping through my fingers and into their change purse. I also have 8 VHS tapes filled with last month’s shows that I haven’t had time to watch. I’m behind on everything, including wrestling.

I didn’t really know the storylines before I started watching Wrestlemania. So, I felt a little behind and ignorant of the current storylines. Typically, those arcs end and new ones begin at Wrestlemania.

I’ve gotten behind on 24, The Shield, and Lost. I’ll get caught up soon because I’m actually thinking about taking a few days off in the near future.

And since I found my tripod, I’m planning on hitting the road in search of interesting subjects for my little photography hobby.