Saturday, June 30, 2007

Robert Plant 'Nine Lives Sampler'

I recently watched Stranger Than Fiction from Netflix. I somehow knew that I would enjoy it. I was intrigued from the very first trailer that I saw. The idea was fresh and piqued my interest. It kind of got my attention the same way that Being John Malkovich did. It seemed so odd that it had to be good.

I wanted to see it in the theaters, but it didn’t work out and it slipped by. After having the DVD in my possession for about a week, I finally slipped that bad boy into the player and watched it.

Will Ferrell refrained from running around naked or in his underwear in this film… A “comedic” tactic that he’s been driving into the ground. In Stranger Than Fiction, he plays it straight and he plays it well. He’s a strong dramatic actor and this film shows that.

Harold Crick (Ferrell) is a fastidious IRS agent living a life of great dullness until he realizes one morning while brushing his teeth, someone is narrating his life. Funniness ensues and Crick’s life drastically changes.

As it turns out, Crick’s life is being written out in a novel… A novel that he needs to get out of because the ending isn’t to his liking.

Stranger Than Fiction is smart, sweet, funny, and a damn good drama… I just didn’t like the ending. I’m sure if some Europeans wrote and directed the damn thing, I’d like it much better. European made films tend to be a little darker and more realistic. A little more refined than the classic Hollywood Frank Capra types of films that unravel with unbelievable happy endings.

For the record, I have never seen It’s A Wonderful Life. I’ve just seen enough to know that I didn’t like it and never bothered with it again.

Do I recommend Stranger Than Fiction?

I sure as hell do! It’s a great film filled with all kinds of gems. It’s just the ending that I didn’t dig… You may feel differently.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix. And as usual… The Netflix buddy call out…

I know this is a rather short update… I’m still feeling very tired and I’m still missing some sleep. And to top it off, I drank quite a bit of alcohol last night at the Friday @ Five with Stratocruiser up on the Kress Terrace.

I’m waiting on a load of laundry to finish up its rounds in the dryer. And next on the agenda… The changing of the bed linens!

Ahhhh…. The exciting life of the Self-Proclaimed Bad Boy of Rock 92.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

'Shave Your Pussy' A mix tape by Eugene B. Sims

I can’t seem to get any sleep for the past couple of days and that’s just not like me. Typically, I can sleep through just about anything… Including and not limited to my own snoring. I once slept through the bad remnants of a hurricane in a mobile home.

I can’t remember which hurricane it was… But it was when I was a teenager. I was visiting family in West Virginia and I was assigned to sleep on my Uncle Donald’s and Aunt Connie’s couch. We knew the storm was going to be bad, but we didn’t expect it to be deadly in the safe hills of Southeastern West Virginia.

I remember the winds making the trailer rock and hearing the roof sound as if it were going to be ripped off at any second, but I still managed to find the whereabouts of Mr. Sandman.

My Uncle and his family decided that they would head to a safer structure… My grandparent’s house next door. At the very least, they would be able to grab a few winks before they needed to be up for the day.

I remember waking up with the sun breaking through the windows. The winds had died down considerably and were a lot calmer causing very little noise.

For some reason, I figured someone would be waking me like always. I am and have always been a night owl which rubbed raw against their bright and early country ways. Usually, I would wake to the smell of bacon cooking or my grandmother threatening me with violence if I didn’t get up soon. And it wasn’t beyond her capabilities to withhold breakfast in order to get me up and running. She adhered to the “snooze or lose” philosophy. But that morning… All was quiet except for the remaining winds.

I walked through the wet grass to my grandparents house to find everyone shouting… “He’s ALIVE!”

I couldn’t understand why no one bothered to wake me up. My Aunt and Uncle claimed that they tried to wake me, but I motioned them off. Not just once, but several times. I didn’t and still don’t remember that part. They just figured that if it got too rough for me, I would simply call a truce with the winds and head to my grandparent’s house.

So here lately, I fall asleep for about 5 hours and then I wake up with my mind ablaze with thoughts. I’ve tried everything to get those thoughts out of my mind, but nothing seems to help. It’s just a constant churning inside my head. Eventually I will crack and the Sandman will pay me a long 12 hour visit. Until then, my mind will remain white hot with thoughts.

Have I thought about some sleep aids?

Briefly… But as television has taught me… Sleeping pills didn’t work for Mary Richards (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) and they won’t solve my problem… They just made Mary a junkie much to Mr. Grant’s chagrin. And I’ve already got too many addictions that I’m fighting.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

John Mellencamp 'Freedom's Road'

Sometimes when you’re listening to the radio and a DJ starts talking about an entertainment news story or perhaps some “weird” news, we get it from a “Prep Service”. We also get little drops from television shows and little tidbits of audio from interviews with rock stars. Every day we check these things before going on the air. It keeps everyone happy and updated. And sometimes, it can be a little evasive and all about a star’s private life. I tend to steer clear of the Paris Hilton’s of the world. I just don’t find her shenanigans all that interesting.

This morning, I read something very interesting about Nicole Kidman. Not only is she hotter than an iron on washday, she has a fear of butterflies.

Why do I find this interesting?

Because at one time… The Self-Proclaimed Bad Boy of Rock 92 was also deathly afraid of butterflies.

Once at my mother’s high school reunion… Sometime in the early 70’s… My father got out of the car and moved the front seat so I could get out. I got up and started to jump out of the Torino 500 when something fluttering by caught my eye. Yes… It was a deadly butterfly.

It was flying wildly with no apparent direction and in my mind, that joker was out to hurt me. They were dangerous and unpredictable. I needed to get as far away as I could from that yellow-powdered winged demon from Hell.

I was trapped between the butterfly, my father, and the open car door. And being the irrational young boy that I was… I had no other recourse but to protect myself. I did so by screaming loudly like a little girl while I danced around, clinging to my father’s legs for protection against the winged and lethal insect.

I remember my folks begging for me to “hush up”… They also pushed the fact that people were watching what was going on. I was totally embarrassing them to where they wanted to crawl under the Torino to get away from me.

My father tried his best to peel me off his trousers and calm me down, but I wasn’t having any of that until that viper of the air was far away from me.

I dodged… I danced… I screamed until that thing fluttered away to a safe distance from me and then all was well. Except for the strange looks my parents and I got from my mother’s former classmates.

Here’s the explanation…

When I was a young one, I had a bout with Rock Mountain Spotted Fever. The fever reached temperatures so high, that I became disorientated and started seeing things.

The one and only memory that I have about that time involved a rather horrific vision… The delirium tremens or as it is commonly known… The DT’s.

I remember lying in my bed and seeing the curtains on my two bedroom windows covered with butterflies. The fabric had been replaced with thousands upon thousands of butterflies. They were moving around like bees in a hive and flapping their wings very slowly. To a very sick little boy… It was terrifying.

My parents understood why I had that fear of butterflies. It took only a short period of time to get over that fear and believe me… There were lots of butterflies feeling my wrath once that fear subsided.

As for my sisters… It was always a good source of embarrassment for them to stick it to their pain-in-the-ass older brother.

Monday, June 25, 2007

'*Note* Great Tape In Cover - Do Not Disregard' A mix tape by Wallace Harrison

Well it seems that another fine show has started its journey down the tubes. I’m talking about The Loop on FOX.

The first season… Now on DVD… was spectacular! Here’s a clip from the first season… It’s titled “Jack Air” and it’s one of funniest damn scenes that I have ever seen. I had to watch it several times because I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t hear the dialogue and I couldn’t see it all because of the tears in my eyes.

Now in The Loop’s final season… It just hasn’t been making me laugh like it used to. They erased half of the cast and I guess they did it to cut production costs. The show just hasn’t been the same knee-slapping kind of comedy that the first 7 episodes were. But it’s still some of the best comedic television out there.

And now it’s gone… : (

The thing that I don’t understand is… Why doesn’t our hero Sam want to get it on with Mimi Rogers?

She’s all over him like Jim Beam’s logo on Robby Gordon’s race car.

And speaking of Robby Gordon… I was more than a little disappointed with his finish the past Sunday. He’s a road course “specialist” and I was expecting him to pull into Victory Lane yesterday… But it didn’t happen. He did lead the most laps and has moved up 5 positions in the points standings. I just wanted more.

I even suggested that Deidre take him as one his drivers when she makes her picks against the Race Doctor on the Two Guys Named Chris Show.

Robby finished 16th… And my other fantasy league drivers finished in the top 4. So… It was a good day for all my drivers. So take THAT Kim and Charles!

Sorry about the shortness of this update, but I have nothing really to write about. My mind is occupied with something else at the moment. Thanks for checking back and reading this here blog of mine.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gym Class Heroes 'As Cruel As School Children'

I spent a little time with Mike Long yesterday. He’s been interning at Rock 92 / 1075KZL in the Creative Services Department… That’s a fancy way of saying that Mike has been working for free, making and recording commercials. And recently, we asked him if he’d like to grab some hours in the Promotions Department. Thankfully, he agreed.

Mike worked two remotes in a row yesterday and he did an excellent job. And I got to know Mike a little better. We both got to talking about past jobs and experiences… My time spent working at Peaches Music & Video came up. We were discussing how some people can be difficult and downright stupid in the eyes of those working in customer service. Especially to those in the retail and the restaurant industries.

Although I have never spent any time in the restaurant industry, I sure as hell spent some time working retail. I spent five years at Peaches, a year or so at a Toys ‘R Us, I delivered office supplies, and I worked with the public at a framing supply joint.

Generally… And perhaps only to me… Folks weren’t all that difficult at most of those jobs. Peaches on the other hand… The public was a handful.

When I was a manager, I ABSOLUTELY hated to be lied to. Just about everyday, someone would come in with an opened tape or CD with the same sad story… “I bought this the other day… And ummm… I already have it… Can I… Ummm… Exchange this for something else?”

I knew they were lying. I have thousands of CD’s and LP’s. And if you were to ask me if I have a certain album, I will immediately give you an answer. I know my collection.

I even went as far to ask someone who caught me on a bad day… “How many CD’s do you have?”

They told me some crazy number like 150 CD’s and that’s when I explained the amount of my collection and my ability to recall whether or not I own it before purchasing another by mistake.

I couldn’t understand how someone with less than a few hundred CD’s could forget whether they owned it before buying. And that’s the rub… I knew they were lying. They didn’t want the CD after listening to it and instead of telling me the truth, they lied to me.

I don’t like being lied to.

Generally, I would point out the policy that was printed and posted behind the registers. The merchandise was your’s once you opened it. The only exception (not printed and posted) was during the exchange season after Christmas.

So I would be a hard ass and adhere to the policy when lied to. And to that one particular customer who caught me on that bad day, I said, “Now if you had told me that you just didn’t like the CD… I would have gladly let you exchange it.”

That’s right! Whenever someone came up to my counter and said something like… “I bought this the other day… I like the one song… But I just don’t like the rest of it… Is there any way that I can exchange it?”

When hearing the truth, I would always say… “Sure! No problem. Just pick something else and we’ll make the exchange!”

Simple, easy, and the truth always set them free.

Only once did my frankness get me into a little hot water with the home office…

We closed at 7pm on Sundays. My personal policy as a manager was… If you walked up after the door was locked, you KNEW what you wanted, and I still had a cash drawer in the register… I would let you in for that extra sale. Sure, my employees didn’t like it, but I was making a good impression on that customer.

If I had already pulled the cash drawer… Sorry, you were out of luck. You would have to wait until 10am when all the record stores opened. Besides, we were open one hour later on Sunday than all the other stores in town. The Wal-marts, K-marts, and Circuit City didn’t have those extended hours at that time.

One bright, summer Sunday evening around 7:10… A man walked up and tapped his keys onto the glass to get someone’s attention. He wanted to get a CD. I had already pulled the cash drawers and counted them down for the night.

I spoke to this man through the glass and tried to explain that we were closed. All the cash drawers had been counted down and there was nothing I could do.

He was very rude and with the use of his watch as a visual aid, he explained that it was only a couple of minutes before seven. We shouldn’t be closed!

I grabbed a business card, unlocked the door, and stepped outside to talk to the man. I explained to him that his watch was wrong, our computers and clocks were in line with an atomic clock… The be-all, end-all of timekeeping devices. A little better than the Armitron strapped to his wrist…

I handed him the business card and said, “Just call us first thing tomorrow morning… And you let us know the time. We’ll synchronize our clocks and computers to your wristwatch. That way, we’ll both be happy.”

He called me a smartass and he wanted the name of my supervisor… I handed over my ink pen, told him my full name, told him my boss’ name, and I also threw in the number to the home office down in Florida for an added bonus.

My immediate boss thought it was pretty funny. But the General Manager in Florida called to gave me a few minutes discussing why we shouldn’t piss off customers.

Believe it or not… That time at Peaches was one of the best times in my life. I loved that job despite the low pay and having to deal with that small percentage of idiots running around in the general population.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fall Out Boy 'Infinity On High'

Yesterday I got some FABULOUS news! The new KISSology II is coming out on August 14th and I cannot wait for it!

The first KISSology came out before last Christmas and I was one excited mofo when that joker came out. I didn’t appreciate the fact that the band put together 3 different packages for different companies with bonus discs of other concerts. Most KISS fans purchased copies of all three… I did not.

I understand that KISS is a money making business. Confucius knows that I’ve spent my hard earned cash a lot of that stuff. Sure, I purchased a bit of it for speculation. But the honest fact is… KISS Kollectables are mass marketed and it’ll take years for a lot of it to become “valuable”. I simply don’t care and to be quite honest, I’ve got enough KISS stuff to fill a small room.

I did manage to get my hands on one rarity back in 1989. It was a promotional album called ‘First Kiss : Last Licks’. There were only 1,000 copies pressed with demo versions of “Strutter”, “Deuce”, remixed versions of songs from the ‘Hot In The Shade’ album along with a couple of tunes from a British greatest hits collection.

I held onto that prized possession until I needed some quick cash. In my mind, I already had the demos on a bootleg CD… So I thought the cash was more important. At the time I sold it, it was worth about 90 bucks.

I went to a record show in Hillsborough with a sign on my back for folks to ask me about a rare KISS LP that I was selling. The dealers were all over me, but their offers were pitiful… The highest was $35. I know that they wanted to turn over a profit, but I held out for the true fan that may be in attendance.

Those fans found me and I started a silent auction with the ones interested in purchasing the album. I gave them 2 hours while I looked around for a couple of items for my collection. A Starz bootleg concert video (didn’t find) and a Cheap Trick ‘Dream Police’ badge (also didn’t find). I did score 2 bootleg Dread Zeppelin concerts on VHS. Where they’re at today… I don’t know. : (

After the time was up… The winning bid was $100 bucks. The guy and his wife was VERY appreciative. They had plans to mount and frame that joker for his KISS Kollectable basement. So I knew that it was going to a good home.

Yes, I had some reservations about letting it go, but I held fast to the same belief that Darryl (Collectables Used Record Store) once told me about… “You will see another again in your lifetime Profit, when needed, should always win out.”

Have I seen another since?

No. But one day another will come along and it will be a prized possession once again in my collection.

Back to KISSology II… It covers the years 1979 thru 1991. There doesn’t seem to be too many full concerts, but the big news is this… The KISS interview with all four original members from Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow show is on there!

If you’ve never seen it… You must! KISS fan or not!

Ace is drunk or high… Perhaps both! He’s totally off the wall and letting it all hang out. Peter joins in on the shenanigans and helps Ace give away valuable secrets on the KISS mythology. All the while… A helpless and visibly disturbed Gene and Paul go along for the bumpy ride. You can see them cut their eyes towards Peter and Ace during the interview. Oh it’s great stuff!

And from watching it… You can see the breakup of the original lineup wasn’t too far off in the distance.

Here’s the link on You Tube! Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gary Hoey 'American Made'

Okay… So we’re heading down I-85 to Charlotte listening to Poison at high volume. Kristina is singing along to just about every word. An old Peaches Music & Video memory hit me and caused me to laugh. Of course, I was asked what caused me to give a little chuckle and I explained that most of the people that worked at Peaches Music & Video were music snobs. And I recalled a time when we would listen to Poison in the store… There was a certain lyric in a song that caused us all to take notice and chuckle. I couldn’t recall what song the lyric was in. Finally, the song to made its appearance on the CD playing in Roxy’s stereo. The song was “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. The lyric that caused us all to groan and sing along mockingly was…

“Instead of makin’ love… We both made our separate ways…

This was pretty much how most of us were at Peaches.

When we got to our exit, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of traffic. Two things occurred to me… Either the show was cancelled or we were going to be among only a few hundred of our closest friends.

The parking was easy and we made our way to the Will Call to meet Kristina’s mother. We got together and made our way inside the gates. Once in, we asked one of the attendants where we could upgrade our lawn tickets to the ones where Kristina and her mother could sit on their buns during Ratt’s performance.

After a lengthy quiz, they maintained that they had only heard “Round And Round”. When I mentioned songs like “Wanted Man”, “Back For More”, Lay It Down”, and “You’re In Love”… They just stared at me like I had just laid out the mathematical equation for a moon landing.

Vains of Jenna opened up the show instead of White Lion. I had heard from Ronie Alexander that Mike Trampp was being sued by White Lion’s original guitarist over the use of the name. Ironically, Stephen Pearcy had the same problems when he toured around with a version of Ratt that had him as the only original member.

Vains of Jenna were good. I enjoyed their much too short set of original tunes and choice covers like Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers “Refugee”.

Ratt hit the stage with “Lay It Down”. When I asked Ann and Kristina if they knew it by using sign language, I got a “no” headshake from both of them. The second song was my favorite Ratt tune… “Lack Of Communication”. I was thrilled, but it didn’t last long. Ratt seemed to just be there only for a paycheck. They didn’t have the same energy or charisma they possessed “back in the day”. Their performance was lackadaisical and Pearcy’s voice has seen better days. He, like Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, was always more of a screamer than a singer.

Much to my chagrin… Pearcy never introduced the band. I couldn’t see all that well, but I do believe that Warren DeMartini (one of the great guitarists of the 80’s) and Bobby Blotzer were back in the Ratt pack.

Musically, Ratt were relatively tight with a few notable problems with the sound monitors on stage. And during “Closer To My Heart”, DeMartini seemed oblivious to the fact that his guitar was out of tune.

Ann and Kristina were not won over by Ratt’s performance and I was a little let down my damn self.

Now Poison on the other hand, brought it to the table and turned it into that joker into kindling.

Yes. You read that right! Poison were exceptional! The band seemed to have gotten better since the last time I saw them. They were tight and C.C. DeVille finally won over a bit of my respect… Not that it will ever matter to him. He does handle a mean “whammy bar”.

They performed as if they were standing in front of 40,000 people instead of the estimated 4,000 in attendance. And the fans gave back the same ferocity with their applause, sing-alongs, and lighters held over head during the ballads. So color me impressed for only the second time in the more than half dozen times that I have seen them live before.

We stuck around for the encores and traffic wasn’t a problem getting out. Of course I had to listen to Poison all the way back to Greensboro, but at that point… I didn’t care.

I noticed a couple of long-haired rocker types at the show and I joked with Kristina that they were probably in a Poison tribute band. That piqued her curiosity and she went to talk with them.

Guess what?

I called that one, baby! They are known as Hollyweird, a Poison tribute band. We’re making plans to go check them out either in Raleigh or Charlotte.

Hell… Why not?

Perhaps Poison is driving a stake through my cynical heart.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Non-Conformist Cult Radio Show (date unknown)

Please let me explain… I can be one of the worst media snobs that you will ever meet. I have a bad habit of judging something unfit for others if I personally do not like it. Yes… I know that’s a character flaw and I’ve tried to correct it over the years… Keyword… Years.

I first discovered Poison when I dropped by Tracy Thornton’s house one summer day back in 1986. He purchased the LP and was committing it to tape when I arrived.

“What in the hell is this?” I asked. I could not understand why Tracy would even consider purchasing such an LP. Just from the cover alone, I judged them to be no talent hacks.

“Dude… These guys are awesome,” he said.

A friend (who will remain nameless) also dropped by… He picked up the album’s cover and said something to the effect of… “Man! These chicks are HOT! I’d sure do them in a heartbeat.”

Upon first visual contact, Bobby Dall come out on top of his wish list.

I lent Poison my ear long enough to solidify my earlier judgment. The album’s production was tinny. The music way too simple. The lyrics even more simple. And I found Brett Michaels voice annoying and without any power or conviction. To say the least… I didn’t care for Poison. I found their name quite an accurate description for their music.

Over time, my opinion never changed. I’ve had many discussions concerning Poison’s lack of originality and blandness. Usually I get… “You like KISS, BUT you don’t like Poison?”

To me… Those bands are miles apart.

I had seen Poison open for Billy Idol. I had seen Poison headline their own gigs. And during the ‘Hollyweird” tour stop at the Greensboro Coliseum a few years ago… I walked out after three songs into Poison’s set. This of course was after seeing the much better Cinderella and a poorly reconstituted Faster Pussycat. Danny Fonorow and the rest of Stickboy couldn’t believe that I was leaving.

My first concert review assignment for the Greensboro News & Record was a Poison show. They were with Vince Neil of Motley Crue and Skid Row.

Danny begged me not to give them a bad review and I maintained that I would keep an open mind.

Well… As it turned out… I gave Poison a GLOWING review. I don’t know what happened, but I actually enjoyed myself at their show. They were, in my opinion, very good that night.

Vince Neil and Skid Row received my wrath instead. I wrote that Neil’s performance “was as exciting as watching Jell-O sweat in the hot sun”.

And a few years ago, Poison opened for KISS where once again they just didn’t thrill me. They bored me to tears.

I was a little surprised when I heard that Poison and Ratt were teaming up for a summer shed-show tour. If Poison couldn’t sell out half of the Greensboro Coliseum… What makes them think they can rake in the bucks at Charlotte’s Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre?

Personally, I wouldn’t give two Ratt turds to see Poison. But they were part of the package and Kristina really wanted to see Brett Michaels and the rest of those cats.

Right off the bat, Kristina wanted to break a long standing rule of mine. A rule that I’ve had in place when I first started attending concerts regularly. A rule that no one else except Brad K. (frequently leaves comments) seems to adhere to as well… You don’t listen to the band or artist that you’re going to see on the day of their show. You just don’t do it.

She turned her small library of cassette tapes upside down and couldn’t find a copy of Poison’s work. So… We dropped by the Best Buy where she picked up a greatest hits collection.

Not ONLY did she take control over MY stereo… The just purchased CD wasn’t to her liking. So we stopped at the Wal-Mart in Thomasville to search out a copy of ‘Open Up And Say Ahhhhh….’. They didn’t have that one in stock. She settled for a copy of their live album because it had the song she wanted… “Love On The Rocks”.

I had to listen to Poison all the way to Charlotte where we were meeting her mom for the concert. And I forgot to pick up some razor blades for the rest of the ride.

Since this is getting a little long… I will conclude tomorrow.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gary Hoey 'Monster Surf'

Kristina and I went to the Ron White show at the War Memorial Auditorium last night. She really enjoys his stuff… She even has a Ron White DVD.


I can take him or I can leave him.

Kristina had an EXCELLENT time! We both enjoyed watching and listening to the man in front of us laugh his ass off. His laugh was big and high pitched like a woman’s. He fully accepted the laughter as he wiped his brow from time to time. He was laughing so hard that he was sweating.

My one big complaint… The sound really sucked. They just didn’t pump up the volume. I was sitting in the center orchestra, row J and I had problems hearing the show. I can only imagine what the rest of the audience behind me did… Were they cupping their ears? Were they pulling out those fancy ear horns?

I don’t know.

Afterwards, Kristina and I hit our watering hole… The O’Charley’s off Wendover. That’s right! That’s where we hang when we’re “taking the edge off” (my new phrase of the moment).

I must tell you this…. Before we left for the evening, we took the edge off with a couple of drinks. She wanted a shot of vodka and I of course went with Jim Beam… Proud sponsor of Robby Gordon’s number 7 Ford Fusion. So I asked Stina, “Would you like your vodka chilled?”

“Do you even know how to do that?” she asks.

FRACK! She called my bluff. I fessed up by saying “no” and I only said that to be cute. I didn’t expect her to inquire about my lack of behind the bar knowledge. Her former bartender kicked in and she broke out some sort of chrome devices. She threw in some ice cubes and shook the booze and ice around. I even had my Jim Beam chilled… And I must say… I rather enjoyed it chilled. I also had Laura chill my double shot of Beam last night at The OC.

Tonight we’re heading down to Charlotte for the Poison, Ratt, and White Lion show. Hopefully, that will get the songs “Wait” and “When The Children Cry” out of the Stina Jukebox. She wouldn’t stop singing those songs last night at The OC. And to top it off, she kept making her White Lion vocalist Mike Trampp face from the “Wait” video. Take a look and see what I mean…

I’m kind of excited to see Ratt again. Although I don’t know what Ratt lineup is playing these days. I’m betting that it’s still only Stephen Pearcy with hired guns. In my opinion… Ratt, regardless of their lineup, will be the best of the bunch. I know that I’ve blogged about them before and I will say it again… Ratt were great! And if you’ve ever seen their VH-1’s Behind The Music episode, then you’ll be amazed like me… They played shows so high and drunk… I don’t know how they sounded as tight and awesome as they did.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

Please welcome Cheryl to the top spot on my MySpace friend’s list!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

"The First Step Of A Cure Is..." A KISS mix tape by Eugene B. Sims

I met a few buddies after work last night down at Natty Greene’s. The bar staff reminded me of my long absence… Yes, it had been awhile since I last put down some Old Town Brown in their establishment. Sometimes gasoline is a little more important than beer.

Yes… I know what I just said.

The plan was to meet there oh… we’ll say… seven-ish. Since I left from work, I got there about 10 minutes of 7. I got a great spot right in front of the Green Bean coffee shop. I couldn’t believe my luck!

So I took a seat at the bar upstairs where Tracy asked… “Pint or a big glass of Brown?”

I was touched that she remembered and of course I went with the big glass. Four more ounces, baby!

The minutes kept ticking away and there was no sign whatsoever of Weather Dave, Doug McKnight, Will Bastard, or anyone else that usually shows up. The only thing being shown on the televisions were the College World Series (1 TV) and the U.S. Open golf tournament (ALL the other TV’s). I chose to feign interest in the golf tournament.

I like to play golf, but I haven’t done so in about a decade since Tim Beeman and I last hit the links. But I can’t sit and watch it on television. It’s much too quiet and about as exciting as watching Fred “Rerun” Berry’s sex tapes.

The crowd started filtering in around 7-ish… If your definition of “ish” means “thirty”. Now I could stop looking at guys with pleated pants who whack balls for a living and have some conversation.

Dave and I were greeted by Cindy Farmer from FOX 8. We got talking about her appearance on 2GNC and her trip this weekend to Asheville’s Grove Park Inn. I asked her if she was going to do some ghost hunting along with her spa experience.

Cindy had no idea what I was talking about. So I explained what little I knew about the ghost and for some reason, I couldn’t remember that much about it. I forgot the name and I forgot the room.

So I contacted the “Shell Answer Lady”, Kristina. Since she has lived in Asheville and recently spent some time at the Grove Park Inn, I knew that she would know.

Her text back was quick… The ghost is called the “pink lady” and she’s seen hanging around room 545 and around the Palm Court.

So I passed on that information to Cindy Farmer and who knows… She may just meet the Pink Lady this weekend.

Today’s musical choice was part of the musical exchange program with my ol’ buddy Chip Kinney. We both used to work at Capitol Records and we would exchange mix tapes on the last Friday of every month. Chip was never really that big into KISS, so I turned him onto a “get to know them” kind of mix. I intended to make a mix for every decade, but I only got this one collection with their 70’s tunes because they were a little bit crunchier.

Here’s a copy of the contents… (the last song title was cut off a little… “See You In Your Dreams”)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alice Cooper 'Da Da'

I have marked my calendar for June 26th, thanks to Mr. Brad K.!


Well that’s when Zero Hour will be released on DVD.

What is Zero Hour you ask?

Here’s the description from Amazon…. A routine flight turns into a major emergency as passengers and crew succumb to food poisoning - is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane? If that sounds vaguely familiar, it's because 'Airplane' was a send-up of this forerunner of the 1970s disaster movie.

That’s right! My favorite film of all time is directly ripped off from this film. When you’re watching it, you get the feeling that the Zucker Brothers saw Zero Hour in the theaters and made their own out-loud jokes much like Joel and the robots eventually did during the 80’s and 90’s on Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

“Cigarette?” asks the man on the movie screen.

“Yes, I know,” a Zucker says out loud to the delight of theater patrons.

Not only do they rip off the story, they also deliberately shoot scenes the same way by using the same poses for the actors with the same camera angles.

I taped the movie years ago on the Suspense Movie channel with my DirecTV. I still have it somewhere on VHS, but now it’s time to get that cult classic in my collection.

“We must get these people to a hospital,” said the only doctor on board.

“What is it?” the stewardess asks from the movie screen.

“It’s a big building with lots of sick people, but that’s not important right now,” says a Zucker brother in the theater.

And all in the movie house crack up.

Ahhhhh… Zero Hour is great fun, but I wouldn’t suggest getting it unless you’re a fan of Airplane! like me.

Just rent it and see it for yourself.

As you can see… Alice Cooper finally found his way into my musical choice of the day rotation. ‘Da Da’ is an okay album from Mr. Cooper. That album marked the first time Alice used a drum machine. That was a pretty big deal back in the early 80’s when those babies were taking off.

And in my opinion… That album has one of the greatest dysfunctional Christmas songs ever… “No Man’s Land”.

The song is about a drunken man with multiple personalities who leaves his Santa gig in the middle of dealing with all the children… He can’t pass up the opportunity to split the scene for a romp in the hay… Here’s a sample of the lyrics…

I left fifty kids standin' in line, they were whining, they were crying
And their mothers they were screaming in hysterics and I swear
I never heard such profanity
I dropped my suit on the floor,
They were trying to block the door
They were calling her a whore
They were driven to nativital insanity
We drove away in her Mercedes Benz,
Dirty blond split ends in the breeze
She said "I want to put you under my tree
You're just a little gift from me to me"

Bob Dylan has been quoted as saying that Alice Cooper is one of the most underrated songwriters of our time. And I happen to agree with that statement. Although he did go through a slump back in the late 80’s when MCA was trying to mold him to sound like everyone else in order to rack up some sales.

His songs are littered with little sardonic tidbits that will cause you to laugh. You may not get it the first time, but when it finally kicks in, you will see his genius.

For those of you with MP3 players… Here (in my opinion) are some must haves (amusing tunes) for your collection…

“Aspirin Damage”

“No Man’s Land”

“Prettiest Cop On The Block”

“For Veronica’s Sake”

“Cold Ethyl”

The guy is funny… In the song “Department Of Youth”, he asks the kids “Who gave you the power…” and they shout back "Donny Osmond!" Classic stuff!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Marshall Tucker Band 'The Next Adventure'

I haven’t weighed in on the ending to The Sopranos yet. I have been trying to digest the damn thing. Now that it’s down and has completely passed through my system… I have to say that I still don’t care for the ending.

It’s simply not enough! I’ve invested years watching this show and I feel a little betrayed.

To be honest, I was expecting a bloodbath to end everything. The ending they came up with left you to your own beliefs on the fates of our TV mobster family. You can believe either way and as a matter of fact… Like the Journey song used as the outro… You don’t have to stop believing.

When the screen went dark, I thought Tina and Richard’s DirecTV receiver had lost HBO’s signal. Then when the credits rolled, we all looked at each other with mild disgust and adult words of displeasure filled the air. We just… couldn’t… believe it.

I felt like I had taken the loosest girl with the worst reputation to my Senior Prom and she passed out on me before I could get to first base.


Yes… I understand why the show ended the way it did, but I’m not going to file a complaint with HBO like many did across the nation. I’m now going to accept it and move onward.

To be totally honest… After The Sopranos series finale was fully digested, I felt the show’s end was quite artistic. And who knows… Maybe my loose Prom date passing out could’ve been a good thing.

In my opinion, there are three television shows with the greatest endings ever…

#1 Newhart

The brothers Larry, Darryl, and Darryl talk. And it all turned out to be Emily Hartley’s dream when she wakes next to Bob Hartley in their familiar bed on The Bob Newhart Show. I am SO ready for this show to be released on DVD.

#2 Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Great ending, but I don’t wanna tell you how it concludes because there are many of you out there that do not realize how f’ing awesome this show was. I don’t want to spoil it for you. If you choose to do so, you may Google it.

#3 The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The series ends with all the talented staffers being fired from WJM while Ted Baxter (Mr. Inept) retains his job as the news anchorman. The cast is gathered round in a group hug while singing “It’s A Long Way To Tipperary”. Believe me… When I stood next to and stared at Ted Baxter’s (Ted Knight) WJM-TV blazer at the Smithsonian… It was, without a doubt, one of the highlights of my sad existence. Greater than seeing Archie Bunker’s chair. More awesome than getting my peepers on Fonzie’s leather jacket.

Even Malcolm In The Middle had a great ending!

If you believe I’ve overlooked some series endings, by all means, post a comment.

Oh! And did you see the return of The Loop on FOX last Sunday night?

They changed the show a bit, but it was still funny. They got rid of his roommates. The one that he’s secretly in love with along with the dizzy blonde.

It’s fine, but it changes the show’s dynamics. Sam is young. His college thesis landed him a high profile and highly responsible job at an airline company. He struggles with that by day and at night he turns into the an irresponsible young person like his brother and friends.

Frankly… I miss the conflict of his secret love. But again… The Loop is still some damn funny stuff.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Starz 'Do It With The Lights On'

The NASCAR race this past Sunday was delayed by rain. I spent my time waiting for the track to dry watching The Wild, Wild West on DVD. I think things got started around 4:30 in Pocono when my mother informed me that I WILL be at her church come six o’clock.

My mother knows that I don’t even show up for Mother’s Day, so why should I be there Sunday night?

I was told that my Grandfather’s gospel group were singing that night. Most of the family will be there… Including me. Or else!

So at around 5:35, I left the house a little better dressed than usual for church. I had visions of me bursting into flames when my shadow crossed the threshold. Deep inside, I felt like someone would know me for the sin-loving bastard that I am… Point their fingers at me and scream like a banshee to warn the others of the unclean infidel.

I saw the friendly face of my brother-in-law Richard and somehow I knew he could sneak me in under the guise of a fellow Baptist. In order to pass myself off as “one of them”, I closed my mind and entered the church. I just had to remember to have no tolerance when it came to “opposing” religions, beliefs, or viewpoints.

While driving there, I listened to the race on the radio. The first thing I asked my sister Tina was… “How long do these types of shindigs last?”

She told me that the Sunday evening service typically lasts about an hour. That was perfectly acceptable to me because the boys were racing at Pocono and that’s generally a boring race. But I was itching to get back to it… My guy Robby Gordon was carving up the field in his number 7 Jim Beam Ford Fusion.

My Grandfather’s group finally got up to sing. I had seen him sing in another gospel group, but that was close to 30 years ago. He was probably the oldest member (near 83 years old) with at least that same amount of years ahead of his peers. There was probably lint in his navel older than the rest of the group. They were all dressed in matching color-coordinated clothing. They were wearing red, white, and blue pullover golf shirts with black pants. The only female in the group was wearing a matching dress (Baptist don’t cotton to women wearing pants in church). At first glance, you would think that they were a bowling team instead of a singing group.

My mother got up to the pulpit to introduce the group and she started telling the congregation that she was related to just about all of them. That meant they were related to me too. And other than my Grandfather, I only remember meeting one of them.

My mother can be a bit of an insufferable person when in front of a crowd… And last night was no exception. She said something about them being great… Because they were related to her. There was some polite laughter as I leaned up to my sister Tina’s ear and whispered, “Where’s a sniper when you need one?”

The group sounded good as they sang to prerecorded music. My Grandfather would occasionally speak between songs with tears in his eyes and his voice trembling. I found that quite odd…

My Grandfather Pence was not a man to mess with growing up. When he said things like “no” or “stop”… I did so. Because the threat of violence was real. It would be swift. It would be painful. And I never forgot those facts. He was one of the meanest grownups that I ever had to deal with. So yeah… It was a little odd seeing him tearful and emotional.

I wasn’t wearing a watch and I left my cell phone in the truck. Richard asked Tina the question that was brewing in my head… What was the time?

It was right about 7 o’clock and we both knew that we could see the end of the race if only we could get out of the Lord’s house pronto. They told the congregation that they were going to do one more song and that sentence was the sweetest thing I had heard during the entire service.

Bring it on! Sing that song! Say a closing prayer and lets hit the bricks, baby!

They closed with the last song that was one of the worst songs I had ever heard. It was called “American Christian” and it was nothing but the type of rightwing propaganda that Baptists feed upon. The group finally wrapped things up and started to walk out of the pulpit. That’s when my Aunt Linda piped up and requested an encore.

Oh… Jesus Chrysler Dodge! I could have easily leaned forward to smack the back of her head. And believe me, I wanted to at that point because I knew laps were ticking off in Pocono.

Finally, I got out of there once I made the obligatory rounds of telling kinfolk that I enjoyed it (I did) and wished them a safe trip back to West Virginia. I made my way back to Roxy so fast that they had to call out the fire department to put out my tracks.

I put the key into the ignition and started listening to the race broadcast on a competing radio station. It was raining again in Pocono. The race had been red flagged with the hopes of starting up again. They gave the full field’s running order and the whole time I was thinking… “Where’s my boy? Where’s Robby Gordon? He was making good ground to the front. Why wasn’t he in the top 20?”

My heart sank when I heard that he was in 41st place and down 3 laps.

Was God punishing me for my attitude about being at church? How could this be?

The race never got restarted and I found out today from Jeff Corbett that my Gordon cut a tire that destroyed the fender of the number 7 Jim Beam Ford Fusion.

Yeah… That sucks. And to top it off… The rain shortened race was won by Jeff Gordon. Jeez!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Donald Fagen 'Morph The Cat'

Right off the bat… Lets welcome Heather (Can’t fight the Heether) to the top spot of my MySpace friends!

Drop by and show her some cyber-lovin’!

Here's a link to my own MySpace page.

Yesterday, I posted about my Netflix viewing habits concerning the original 1960’s television show The Wild, Wild West. After posting my little entry about the show, I put The Wild, Wild West DVD into my player and sat down for an episode that I don’t remember seeing at all.

It was about a General that fought in the Civil War. He lost his right hand during the conflict and became bitter about how he was shuffled into retirement. He was also bitter that General Grant was heralded as a hero and was elected President of the United States.

So what does this General do?

He puts together a band of raiders that sabotages the Government’s efforts in building rails through the western plains. He extorts money and gold from the Government to build an army in order to overthrow the US to take what is rightfully his. He paints up the Cheyenne Indians as the bad guys by having his men dress the part.

Jim West goes in and finds all this out… Blah, blah, blah… The General gets what is deserved for his actions. The good guys win and the Cheyenne are reinstated as friends of the Union.

Several things to point out in this episode… The Cheyenne medicine man went to Dartmouth for a formal education and helps West. While infiltrating Camp Bad Guys, the Cheyenne tells West and Gordon that it should be easy to sneak into the camp because “all white men look alike”.

Good stuff!

The antagonist General was played by a much younger Leslie Nielson. Yes, the Leslie Nielson from Airplane! and The Naked Gun pictures. At times, it was a little tough to take his acting serious which made for great fun.

And lastly… Jim West has not only one beautiful female liaison, but two! One was the daughter of the railroad builder and the other was the tribe torturer of the Cheyenne. It is implied that ol’ Jim West nailed both of those honeys while securing the US rail system.

At the end of the episode, both ladies come out of the train’s galley with dishes they have cooked for Mr. West. The white girl has an Irish dish that she cooked in her hands while the Indian girl has stewed Buffalo tongue as her dish. They tell West that he must choose which dish to covet for the evening… Unless he has an appetite for both.

Oooo La La!

Wouldn’t you know it… Jim had both!

I thought that was pretty risqué for the mid 1960’s.

On another note… Before I started writing this entry, I enjoyed some contraband from Mexico.

Kristina went on a work trip to Cancun this past week and I asked her if she’d be willing to be my mule in order to smuggle some Cuban smokes. She brought me two stogies back and MAN!… They were awesome!

They were good and smelly. And they tasted fantastic! I love me a damn good cigar!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

'Blues & Soul Solid Gold' A mix tape by Chip Kinney

I have 2 queues for my Netflix habit. One is strictly for movies while the other is only for television shows. And here as of late, I’ve been more interested in the television shows.

I’ve recently started watching The Wild, Wild West series from the 1960’s. NOT that crappy motion picture with Will Smith!

I will NEVER watch such heresy! Don’t even get me started on all the wrong reasons about that film.

The series was excellent! James West (Robert Conrad) is a Secret Service agent that takes on all threats to our young country. He’s kinda like an Old West version of James Bond. There’s gadgetry and science fiction elements all through the series. It’s not the Ponderosa, baby.

Artemus Gordon is his sidekick and master of disguises. Although, we can spot Mr. Gordon a mile away because of his distinguished facial features.

They travel by train that has many secret compartments and is set up like Maxwell Smart’s apartment to protect against infiltrators.

West’s greatest foe, and the one the movie really F-ed up, was Dr. Miguelito Loveless. Dr. Loveless was a dwarf with big plans to take over the world. He was my favorite of all villains of James West. Loveless’ size drove him to megalomania, to prove to the world that he was the smartest, most brilliant man on the face of the planet. But deep down, he was crazier than Don King’s hair.

I grew up watching The Wild, Wild West. I don’t remember it running on prime time, but I sure as hell caught as many episodes that I could when it went to syndication. I wanted to be James West with my trusty cap gun sitting on my hip. I wanted to get a pair of leather chaps like Jim’s so bad, that I asked for them constantly… Birthdays, Christmas, and Arbor Day. Being a youngling and not really knowing better, I called them “hot pants”. I came to that conclusion when I first saw Jim West using them to slide through fire unharmed.

I never got those leather chaps.

I even asked my dad to take off the heels from my cowboy boots and hollow them out so I could stash goodies in there. I could pack a small cap pistol in them or even some stuff that looked like explosives. If Jim West had those types of boots, by golly, I wanted them too!

I also tried to sew on little pockets to the insides of my jackets for knives and other “secret” Jim West devices. I would wear my jackets in the months when jackets wouldn't normally be worn. My sewing skills weren't so good and my mother didn’t like me fouling up her sewing basket.

Whenever I played out my Jim West childhood fantasies, I would always work in the musical soundtrack of the TV series. I would be scaling up a wall to infiltrate Loveless’ lair while humming the incidental music of the series. I loved the music on The Wild, Wild West.

To me, the bass guitar music in that show was one of the biggest reasons I chose to pick up a bass guitar for myself. The other was Gene Simmons of KISS. And the odd thing… Gene Simmons uses a guitar pick on the bass and the bass on The Wild, Wild West was made by utilizing a guitar pick.

I don’t know, but it always sounded crisper to me and more defined over the use of one’s fingers to pluck the strings on a bass guitar. Merely coincidence? I think not.

So far I’ve gotten through disc one of season one of The Wild, Wild West. And that particular season was filmed in black and white. It didn’t matter to me when I was a kid, so I figured that I’d pass the DVD onto Tina and Richard. Perhaps they would show the series to my nephews Preston and Colton. I thought they would enjoy it very much, but I was sadly disappointed. It seems that kids today don’t respond to anything in black and white or anything other than cartoons.

Oh well… Perhaps some day they will appreciate what Robert Conrad and Ross Martin did for television westerns… They made them interesting and exciting.

If you wanna be one of my Netflix buddies… By all means, contact me…

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Robin Trower 'Essential'

Last night, I became a little concerned about a rock legend. Here’s why…

I finally got to sit down and watch School For Scoundrels (which I graded with 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix) last night. I kicked off my shoes, put my feet up, and Sidney (Kristina’s cat) curled up on my lap for some affection. In the movie, one of the prospective scoundrels (Moby-look-alike) got up and sang Alice Cooper’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” during a karaoke scene.

No red flag, but I enjoyed the song.

I had an idea for something and called Benjy Johnson to see if he could help me with it. I left a message.

When he called me back, he started telling me about an old neighbor of his while he was growing up. I can’t remember his name, but Benjy said the guy was from a holy-rolling, Bible-thumping, kinda Southern Baptist family. Someone that you wouldn’t expect to be playing techo music later on in life. Benjy also explained that the guy did some writing for ESP Magazine and got to interview Alice Cooper some years ago when he stopped in Greensboro on the ‘Brutal Planet’ tour.

There was the rock legend again. Still no red flags.

Benjy was raving (no techo pun intended) about the Alice Cooper interview. The guy burned it onto a disc for him and Benjy’s planning on making me a copy… Because I love me some Alice Cooper!

And while Benjy was explaining some of the finer points of the excellent interview… Benjy heard something on his satellite radio…

As a side note… Why folks with TONS of musical selections around the house and throughout the office pay for satellite radio is beyond me. I’ve got thousands of CD’s and other goodies to listen to… Why would I waste money by actually paying to listen to it again?

I don’t get it.

Back to Benjy… He had his satellite radio tuned into “Hair Nation”… I think it’s called… It’s a hard rock channel that specializes in 80’s hard rock. As Benjy and I were discussing Alice Cooper, an Alice Cooper song came on.

I paused and said to Benjy, “Man… Someone is trying to tell me something. That’s the third reference to Alice Cooper in the last hour for me. Something is bringing my attention to him.”

The big red flag presented itself.

Yes, Benjy agreed that it was a little weird, but it was a burning hot desire in my mighty gut. I had to know why Mr. Cooper was being pointed out to me.

I couldn’t get onto the Internet because Kristina’s service comes and it goes… And last night, it checked out early.

I thought about calling someone to look Alice up, but I figured it was nothing. Eventually, the answer will come.

When I walked into work today, I explained the weird occurrences to Ronie Alexander. She too thought it was a little odd.

We found nothing on the Internet. Alice wasn’t dead. Alice wasn’t in a horrible golfing accident. As a matter of fact, he just had a great turnout for a recent charity event. Apparently, all was well in Alice Cooper’s life.

Usually when things like that happen to me, I take notice. I figure that it’s the universe trying to tell me something. Who knows? Perhaps something will come about soon.

Do these things ever happen to you?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Non-Conformist Cult Radio Show 5/14/04 (B)

Christine sent me an email today telling me that The Loop was returning to FOX TV tonight. After I dropped a “surprised” hot-steamy loaf on the carpeted floors of Dick Broadcasting, I bolted towards the nearest computer. Because as we all now know… We can’t use anything else to look things up these days. Even when the newspaper is within inches of my fingertips.

Yes… I noticed that once I started waiting for the FOX website to load.

For some reason, I thought The Loop was to return this past January. I looked and looked. I waited. I lit candles in windows. I consulted psychics and tarot readers. I even asked Deidre, but there seemed to be no return for The Loop.

I simply let a piece of me die and gave up all hope of ever seeing one of the funniest shows I had come across since Arrested Development.

BUT!!! I went to the FOX website and there it was… The Loop returns this Sunday night on FOX! Two big shows… One at 8:30pm and the other at 9:30pm.

In the immortal words of Eek The Cat… “Let Heaven and nature sing!”

Check out The Loop website.

I’m telling you… There was a show last year called “Jack Air” that had me in tears. I had to repeat the same scene several times because I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t hear everything.

I subjected my brothers-in-laws to the same scene… And they too were in stitches.

Just take my word for it… The Loop is hilarious. I love the way they say things that sounds like their cursing. Instead of using real words and phrases… They make up sh*t. Like… “jack balls” and “screw him in the acorn”. We get the idea, but there’s nothing to fire up the network censors.

I’ve been eating a lot lately at the Chipotle Mexican Grill on Wendover. I am REALLY digging that place. And haven’t been all that adventurous… I’ve been 3 times and I keep getting the same thing every time.

I know… It’s like going to a brothel with over one hundred ladies and ordering the same blonde again and again.

Do any of you do exhibit that type of weird behavior or am I the crazy one?

I always get the burrito with rice, black beans, chicken, sour cream, and cheese. The thing is roughly the size of a coconut and when it hits the tummy… You know it’s there. And it tends to stay with you for the day.

As Joe Davis told me today… “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I had one of them babies at 1pm and I’m still not hungry for dinner… It’s 6:36 pm as I write this.

They’re opening another location over in the Westover Terrace/Battleground area. That’s a little closer to my domicile.

And if you’re over at the Wendover location, tell Ronnie and Tori that I said “Hi”. A lot of us from Dick Broadcasting go there. As a matter of fact… Today, when I went with Weather Dave, Ronie Alexander, Jason Goodman, and Joe Davis… We saw about 8 of our coworkers from the sales department there during our visit. It has become overrun with Dick Broadcasting folks.

Incredibly good stuff!

Monday, June 04, 2007

David Bowie 'The Best Of David Bowie 1980/1987'

Finally! Robby Gordon got himself back into the top 10 today! I was very excited and I’m still a little giddy… His tenth place finish today was his first top 10 finish since last October. And it helps out his points so he can make races, unlike Michael Waltrip.

I expect him to have another top 10 finish and quite possibly a win when the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series hits Sonoma, California on June 24th. That’s a road course event and Mr. R. Gordon excels in those babies.

And “Jerk” Busch is an ass! He came very close to hitting one of Tony Stewart’s crew members on pit road. He got angry about an on track incident and decided to slide in next to Stewart’s car as he was pitting to have a word of prayer. The crew member had to jump onto the hood of the Home Depot car to avoid becoming a race-related incident.

Now do you understand why I call Kurt Busch “Jerk” Busch?

It was totally uncool, but you know what? It made for great television because I loved it.

I forgot to mention yesterday… There’s a new number one friend on my MySpace page! Please welcome Bright Eyes To Wonder to my top spot! They hail from Black Mountain, North Carolina. Drop by and give them some love. Also, I’m featuring one of their tunes on my page. Enjoy!

Over the weekend, I managed to watch a movie from Netflix. I dug into Running With Scissors and it was probably one of the weirdest little films that I have ever seen. To be honest… It was F’ed up! But it was a good F’ed up!

The psychiatrist in the movie seemingly duped people out of their money and managed to adopt the children of his patients. He was TOTALLY CRAZY! When he was being hassled by the IRS for back taxes, he feared losing his practice, his family, and his house. And one morning, he found a good omen in the toilet. That’s right! His bowel movement was a message from God! And it was one of the funniest things that I have seen in a long time.

The movie was a little disjointed at times, but for some wacky reason, I really dug it. So much so that I gave it 5 out of 5 stars on the Netflix grading scale.

Granted… It’s not for everyone so therefore I cannot recommend it. My tastes run a little on the sick side and this film has plenty of disturbing things for me to laugh at. But there is a sad side… The film is based on a true story. And if half of the things in the film were true… That dude, Augusten Burrough, had one hell of a weird life.

Well… I’m out of here. Thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Non-Conformist Cult Radio Show 5/14/04 (A)

Where do I start today?

I’m happy about the rain that’s fallen. The grass was starting to creak when I step on it.

I’m NOT happy about my cat, Monroe. She is old. Her behavior is much like the other family cats just before their life card was being cashed in. She stands in the driveway and meows loudly for no apparent reason. I guess the aches and pains are a little much at times for the old girl. She can’t just pop open some Doan’s pills.

When I brought this up to my parents, we “ballparked” Monroe’s age to be somewhere around 19 years old. That’s pretty damn old for a cat, or so I’ve heard.

She first arrived at our house in the back of my father’s patrol car. He kept her in the trunk for safe keeping until he was relieved of patrol duty.

He found her at the Citgo station out on Highway 70, otherwise known as Burlington Road which is now within city limits. A young but developed kitten kept hanging around the corner of the Citgo’s entrance. She was a friendly bugger. My father was sure that she’d end up meat on the yellow line of Highway 70 before the sun set later that day. He promised himself that he’d stop by to see if she’d made it. It wouldn’t have been humane to carry her around all day in the trunk of his patrol car.

You know the rest of the story… She ended up with me. I wanted to name her “Ralph” after a character on Green Acres. But my sisters Pam and Tina protested loudly… “You can’t name this sweet thing Ralph!”

So I thought about it and the logical choice was Ralph’s last name… “Monroe”. Ralph Monroe, by the way, was a lady carpenter in the family business with her brother “Alf”.

I’ve been asked if I named her after Marilyn Monroe several times. I can’t imagine that, but I do know someone with a dog named “Audrey Grace” with respect towards those actresses.

And yes, if I ever have kids… They will be named after a Green Acres character.

Lots of cat owners get cats simply by chance and the randomness that life presents. Monroe even brought her own stray to our house. His name was Sparky… He was a weird and wonderfully neurotic cat.

Monroe is a very sweet little cat. She loves to be petted and she loves clawing the complete and utter crap out of you while you do it. And I find that annoying. She claws and claws. She digs and she tears. She’s lovingly ferocious. In the winter, I usually plop a blanket over my legs and let her ass go to town. Her purring will get so loud that you can hear it across the room.

It’s very painful to love Miss Mo’, but so worth it at times.

I don’t expect to see Mo’ every day. I’m surprised every time I see her alive and hanging ‘round the house. Because cats usually stroll off somewhere to die alone. You never really know for sure when you’ll see your cat for the last time… That is if your cat is an indoor/outdoor kinda feline like Miss Mo’.

I say that she’ll be the last cat in my life, but I don’t fully believe it. After all, those little nomads tend to find you on their journey instead of the other way around.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Red Radio 'Thoroughly Modern'

Yesterday was the first of the month, and if you’re a regular reader of this here compacted version of my complicated life, then you know what that means… It’s time to put up a new profile picture on my MySpace page!

This month, I used a picture of my 6 year-old nephew Preston. He’s seen wearing his “scarlet letter” t-shirt. He doesn’t really enjoy sporting it. Preston has a hard time listening and following through on what enters his ear holes, so he gets into trouble a lot. Tina, my sister, has tried everything and the shirt has been the most effective method. When he gets into trouble by not-listening, he has to put on the shirt. The picture was snapped by your’s truly on the shirt’s maiden voyage. I think that Preston looks a little “punk” in the shot. I’ve been considering putting it on a t-shirt for myself.

Now to today’s musical choice… It’s from the band Red Radio. They played the Summertime Brewsfest last year and entertained the crowd of beer drinkers. I was the stage manager and from what I saw of those cats, Red Radio were awesome. I was too busy to lend more than a ear, but from what I saw and heard… They knocked my socks off.

Eck, the drummer, is a very talented individual responsible for the “Closest to the Pin” theme song on the 2GNC show. And after last year’s Brewsfest, an impromptu jam broke out with the Buffet tribute guy and Weather Dave.

We were all hot, sweaty, hungry, and waiting to be fed. We were all longing to wash the food down with the leftover beer when we heard someone singing a Buffet tune with Darryl Clark. All eyes turned that direction and the whispering began… Weather Dave was singing! And he wasn’t doing a too bad a job either. That’s when Eck joined them with his harmonica! The impromptu jam ended up being one of the greatest moments of the day. The unexpected is always the best!

But I’m getting off track here…

The new CD from Red Radio is a damn fine release. These cats from High Falls, NC mesh all types of musical styles into one big ol’ can of rock n’ roll goodness. They also have vocal harmonies that rival the Statler Brothers’ finest moments. The songs are witty and infectious. And as proof of that… This is my second day of listening to the CD. Something I rarely do.

Just check out Eck’s and Red Radio’s MySpace pages and see for yourself.