Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tom Petty 'Full Moon Fever'

The sound mix is a little off from the video. "A little off" translates to a time difference where everyone doesn't have to be Stephen Hawkings to figure out. Keep a watchful eye out for The President and a man that chose to dress like a revised Ronald McDonald with Devo-like sidekicks (band). It'll only take five minutes and you'll laugh too.

Ladies and gentlemen... Submitted for your approval and/or disapproval... The polictical stylings of the hardest rocking bushy-haired singer/songwriter this side of Ted Nugent... SAMMY HAGAR!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Caesar 'Influence'

Believe it or not, I was once a budding artist. I liked to draw comic book characters and I even made up my own costumed heroes. My parents hooked me up with art lessons where I got to explore all kinds of different styles and mediums. I got to work on still life drawing with pencil and charcoal. That progressed to chalk, water colors, and acrylic painting.

Art class was always one of my favorite subjects in school. It was a place where I could unwind, especially if my class fell in the middle or near the end of the day.

Although I never won a Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Key Award, I did get an honorable mention. Art was an avenue that everyone, including myself, thought I would just zip right down to the city limits of success.

That didn’t happen because of several reasons… You could draw a pretty picture, give it to a girl, and you wouldn’t get the girl. Teaching myself guitar and writing music gave me a different creative outlet that I liked even more… And the girls responded to that a little better. Plus, you didn’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to win a night’s affection with a girl. If you need proof of that, here ya go!

I stopped drawing practically overnight and rarely doodled like I incessantly did before. I just didn’t enjoy it anymore and yet I still have no perfectly good explanation as to why it brought me no more pleasure.

I do find it fun and relaxing to paint my Battletech Mechs, but it’s rare that I ever purchase or play with them anymore.

Just recently, Jamie’s youngest was going to some sort of Scout camping trip. The group had a pirate theme and had to design their own t-shirt. And for some reason, I took up the challenge by opening my big mouth. Words like “I can draw a skull on there for him” and “I’d be happy to draw it on there” came rolling out of my mouth like drunks falling out onto Bourbon Street.

I stretched the plain white shirt out on an ironing board, armed myself with two Sharpies, and went to town freestyle with no picture. I drew a skull and bones as I had visualized them with permanent ink and was simply surprised of the result.

I feared that it would look absolutely horrible or not to my liking since I haven’t picked up any writing instrument to draw with in over 15 years.

I had a few problems with the crossbones, but overall it’s not bad for someone knocking off some rust.

I’ll share my latest creative passion with you later this weekend… But if you’ve seen my photo posts on Facebook, then you already know what I’m talking about. And if you’re not one of my Facebook friends… Then hit me up, bitches!

Toodles folks!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kix 'Cool Kids'

Once again, I’ve reached one of those moments where I’m struggling to find something to write. Inspiration refuses to work its way through the smoky haze that sometimes fills my cranium. It can be a dangerous place in there… Lots of stuff lying around and it’s dark too. One misstep and someone will need a little therapy or an icepack for the groin. So here goes anyway…

I watched the first little bit of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien last Friday night and it seems that his staff are trying to kill him.

They had a stuntman on there giving him one or two minute tutorials on how to perform a stunt and then proceeded to rough up on the red-headed giant. It was funny and as it turns out, Conan has more skills than Napoleon Dynamite.

The whole bit took me back to a summer long ago… When the Lively/Sims cousin summer exchange program was up and running. Paula would come down to North Carolina and I went up to the Motherland for the summer.

It was the same summer when Dan Lively (my cousin) and I discovered how to make our own fake blood using corn syrup and food coloring. We made gallons of the stuff! It was cheap to make and had many practical applications.

The entire family came together that summer for a large cookout featuring hamburgers, hot dogs, and crazy children. I’m not talking about the usual crazy children that commit the uninspired acts that cause broken bones, stitches, or even crying. I’m talking about the kind of crazy where one minute there’s a large watermelon glistening with water drops upon it and in the next, there’s a large cutting knife firmly embedded into it with fake blood dripping down the sides designed to create any kind of reaction that the one discovering such a scene would like to share with the group.

We also liked to paint our faces with faux blood gashes and filled our mouths with the stuff so that when we “took” a punch to the jaw, we would spray out what seemed to be blood. We liked to plan fights with fake blood and practiced them in the yard. Dan and I finally got to show off our stunt talents in front of the house that the family built my Grandmother. It was located on busy Highway 3 leading into Union, WV.

Dan and I would venture up to Randall’s Barn (Randall was their neighbor that I never ever remember meeting) where we could turn up the volume on our stuntman training and learn how to fall from heights.

There was always a big pile of hay on the floor of the barn with a loft above it. We would just climb our way up to the loft by using the built in ladder. Dan and I took turns climbing up to the loft, then acting as if we were being shot by the other below before falling into the pile of hay.

That led to falling over the side of Uncle Malcolm’s GMC truck and landing as flat on our backs as we possibly could. We saw that in the movies along with watching professional wrestlers work their craft every week on television. Of course, we did this with the truck in park. We got a few scrapes and bruises, but otherwise we were pretty much undamaged.

That led to Dan rolling over the hoods of slow moving cars and falling to the ground safely on the other side. He only did this with family members or good family friends in the Lively’s driveway or the church parking lot. The concerned driver always slammed their cars into park and got out to find Dan upright, beating the dust out of his clothes.

I was never gutsy enough to try such a stunt because I was younger, smaller, and valued my health more. I didn’t want to gamble a broken or crushed limb with a stunt where the most important person involved had no clue... And they were the one driving the car.

Are you digging the new Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien?

It’s miles above that tired lame krunk that Leno has been feeding the viewers.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sammy Hagar 'VOA'

I must remind readers old and new that the title of my blog represents my listening pleasure of the day. If you have any questions about my odd procedures, please leave them in the comments so that I may address them and clear up any concerns about my mental health. Thank you.

-I got myself a laptop computer near the end of June. It’s my first one and I’m totally digging it. I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner. The only problem I had was transferring all of my Zune MP3 krunk to the new laptop. I guess having over 7,200 songs on that joker just created some kind overload during the transfer. So I purged my Zune of all content and I have started over.

I was getting close to rotating the stock on it by taking off the oldest titles when I load it up with new ones. Sure, I can leave the titles on the on the computer and just swap stuff around on the handheld device… But I just didn’t want to eat up too much virtual memory on the computer by saving everything I rip.

That’s reducing a bit of my carbon footprint, right?

Plus, I’m a little too OCD when it comes to having my music in order. So at this very moment, I only have 270 songs on my Zune that I’ve named Gretchen II. I rip my next week’s listening habits into the system on Thursday or Friday which adds about 70 songs per week on average. I’m hearing the same stuff over and over. I thought I’d hate it, but I’m learning about stuff that I have overlooked before. It’s a good thing!

The biggest reason for me to get a laptop, believe it or not, was because of my Ion USB turntable that my parents gave me for Christmas over a year ago. You hook the turntable up to your computer and you can transfer your LP’s into MP3 files.

If I used a desktop computer, I’d have to break out the turntable and hook it all up. Then when I’d be done, I’d have to break it all down and put it up. That process just didn’t appeal to me since I can be lazier than a stoner on Judgment Day.

A laptop computer would work beautifully!

The turntable stays put where it’s all hooked up and when I want to turn grooved vinyl into bits an bites to play through my Zune, I just stick that USB cable right into my laptop. It’s much simpler that way.

I recently spent a recent Saturday afternoon tinkering around with my Ion USB turntable. Since I’m apparently over the border and into OCD territory, I started with my usual alphabetical order tactic and used the last two digits of the catalog number to move onto the next LP. So if an album ends with “37”, I count off that number to get to my next selection. For some reason, I like the randomness of doing that because there’s no telling what will be chosen. And if my personal feelings get in the way, there’s a good chance that I’ll never get to be more acquainted with something that seemingly just sits there slowly decomposing. In a sense, it helps me realize why things are taking up space in my vast collection. I can be a little forgetful.

An album by The Accelerators (late 80’s/early 90’s band from Raleigh, NC that was truly awesome) started it all followed by the B-52’s (“Love Shack” 12-inch), Beat Farmer’s (‘Powderfinger’ 12-inch), Chicago XI, and another 12-inch from Dogs D’Amour.

I wasn’t impressed with the sound quality, but I figured the tinny sound (even with my headphones on) quality was a result of sound reproduction through my laptop.

I was right. When I heard those tunes on my Zune, it was a different story. They were shiny and bright with very little surface noise other than the usual pops and crackles that vinyl provides.

Man, how I’ve missed those sounds! Other than the usual sound imperfections associated with vinyl wear, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

I highly recommend the Ion USB turntable if you have rare vinyl or if you’re too cheap to replace them with compact discs. Personally, I reside in both camps.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cheap Trick 'The Latest'

As you have noticed, I have yet to weigh in on the whole Michael Jackson cluster-fornication. There’s not a day that goes by without me hearing about it on the television, radio, or reading about it in the newspaper. I’m asked at least once a day to express my opinion. It just won’t go away.

“How has Michael Jackson’s death affected you, Eugene?” asked my mail carrier.

“What is your favorite Michael Jackson song, Eugene?” asked the cashier at Lowes Foods.

“Will you be watching the Michael Jackson memorial on television, Eugene?” asked the proctologist during my examination.

“Do you think he really touched those kids, Eugene?” asked the drive-thru attendant at Long John Silver’s.

“Is it possible that Michael Jackson’s soul soured when caught his hair on fire during the filming of that Pepsi commercial, Eugene?” asked the store manager of Dude’s adult book store.

Honestly, I was just as shocked as everyone else when I learned of his death. Someone from Fox 8 called Shark (Majic 94.1 / afternoon drive) about 30 minutes before official word got out. I figured that the skinny one had been swept up by a dust devil and was snapped like a twig when he met a telephone pole. I never expected a cardiac issue.

I watched a little bit of the coverage on Time Warner Cable’s News 14 Channel when I got to Jamie’s house. I couldn’t believe that the fans were pouring into the streets around the hospital and trying to gather at MJ’s star on Hollywood Boulevard (covered by construction equipment). I thought to myself… What dumb asses!

The guy wasn’t Elvis. He wasn’t a Beatle. He was a talented guy with a lot of problems and I gave his death about an hour of my time.

I didn’t break out any of his CD’s. That’s because I don’t have any.

I didn’t turn on the radio to hear any of his songs that started to immediately show up on stations across the dial. I even heard, through unreliable sources, that country station WTQR threw the song “Dirty Diana” into their rotation.

And unlike the sheep-like masses, I wasn’t interested in going out to the stores to waste my money on any of his music. Like every other person with O+ type blood, I had a copy of ‘Thriller’ in my LP collection. I even have copies of ‘Off The Wall’ and ‘Bad’ arranged chronologically on both sides of that massive seller.

I don’t have anything by The Jacksons.

I cannot understand why there’s so much fuss about this guy. Sure, he was a talented performer and songwriter. I’ll give him that, but I just don’t get the big public outpouring of emotion. He didn’t change music that much… But he did get a black man other than J.J. Jackson on MTV. In my opinion, there was nothing groundbreaking about his music.

Lots of groundbreaking crap in his private life… Attending events with Emmanuel Lewis as a lap ornament and Brooke Shields by his side… He practically married a monkey named Bubbles… He tried to purchase the remains of Joseph Merrick (the “Elephant Man”)… He took the songwriting rights away from The Beatles and made enemies with Paul McCartney… His skin went crazy with loss of color (somehow that didn’t seem keep Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton out of his surrounding lime light)… He created his own home with a theme park… Invited kids over for sleepovers and allegedly gave them alcohol, slept with, and molested them… His nose gave him more trouble than a previously owned Yugo with a leaky gas tank… Let’s face it, the guy was a freak.

But I don’t think it was because he was crazy. I think it was because he grew up as an entertainer around other freaky artists. He perceived those types of shenanigans as normal things and he became a product of his environment.

If anything, he deserves our collective pity and hopefully he will find the peace in the life after this one.

As for my favorite MJ song… I’ll go with “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”.

I remember that song blaring over the speaker system at SkateLand USA as I was putting the prepubescent moves on a girl named Ashley. I remember the mirror ball throwing dots of light around the cavernous room. The sounds of video games like Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Death Race 2000 in the background. And gee, her hair smelled terrific.

But I didn’t get the girl and I guess I’ll never fully get the fuss about Jackson’s death.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Cheap Trick 'The Latest'

Wow! It’s been over a month since my last update and I have three reasons as to why…

1. Jamie (my squeeze) has purchased a home and I’ve been helping her with my incredible painting skills along with my ability to lift heavy furniture.

2. I’ve been researching the idea of developing a website not only to exorcise the demons from my skull by writing, but also to make a little money with advertising space.

3. Because, quite frankly, I’ve really had nothing worthy to write about. Who wants to read about my workouts, laundry habits, or musings about belly button lint?

So there you have it. I’m still very much alive. As proof, I offer this to you…

Now to my usual type of crap…

I have found a guilty pleasure for my Friday nights. And it’s a lot cheaper than cruising Wal-mart parking lots looking for a good time with vodka and cigarettes. It’s on the Travel Channel and it’s called Ghost Adventures.

I love this show!

Ghost Adventures has these three cats getting “locked down” in some of the most haunted places around the world. But mainly we find them camping out in places throughout the United States.

Zak Bagans is the leader who provokes spirits by yelling insults or requesting that they physically assault him. Much to his partners chagrin, Zak frequently insists that they spirits inflict harm on them. He also gives us a quick history lesson about the place where they’re going to be locked down for the night and it’s always very interesting.

Zak is a buff kind of guy who seems slightly smarter than the gel in his hair. He’s always saying hilariously stupid things without even realizing it. If he doesn’t have a prepared voice over, then there’s no telling what will come out of his mouth and that’s one of the beauties of Ghost Adventures.

Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin are the techs and camera operators on the show. They follow Zak around with night vision cameras and are occasionally instructed to park it alone in a spirit intensive spot.

Nick seems to be very excitable and a little more prone to running when he’s frightened. Zak has often scolded him for taking a Nike flight. They even have a clip of it on the show’s intro. Of the three, he’s the quiet one.

Aaron is the balding dude with the goatee. He always has a bad feeling and rolls his eyes when Zak instructs him to spend a little time alone in the dark. He cautiously asks spirits to make noise and questions them as to how they died while closing his eyes and turning his head. He’s hilarious.

You should check out this show no matter how you feel about spirits, ghosts, and the supernatural. There’s not a Friday night that goes by where I can’t believe what those guys are doing. Provoking spirits or demons is usually a bad idea in my book, but Zak seemingly has a different library card than anyone else that believes in such things. Nick goes along with things even after he runs like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. And Aaron is like just about every tech junkie stoner you know who reluctantly goes along with the lock down.

Try it on for size some Friday night at 9 only on the Travel Channel.


I’m working on the advertising aspect of the coming website.

And speaking of the website, I’m confused as to what I should call it. I have a name in mind, but I wouldn’t mind having a either.

If you have any ideas, shoot me an email…